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Why You Should Care: Mirror's Edge

Continuing on in the vein of "exorcising the demons past" this week I wanted to talk about another older game that caught my attention back-when and I still talk about to this day. This title was a little less controversial, there was no big drama behind it, no tabloid style front-page debacle, just a game that tried to do something a bit different and then quietly faded into the background. For the last couple of years there have been rumors of a sequel floating around the internet, and this week has it all but officially confirmed.

SSX Hands-On [PAX Prime 2011]

The whole drama concerning EA’s SSX revival has been well documented on Shogun Gamer in the past.  It’s not too uncommon for some games to be thrown through the ringer due to common gamer fear and misconception but SSX was a game that was almost completely ostrichided from the get-go, somewhat for legitimate reasons.  I myself haven’t been the biggest cheerleader for SSX since it was first shown last December, but during the last few months my view has changed and now I’m officially ready to bow before EA Canada since SSX could end up being everything we want it to be.

Need for Speed: The Run Hands-On [PAX Prime 2011]

Besides being able to play games months ahead of release at events like E3 and PAX, there is something else cool about playing early demos of games – you can see them evolve.  To the general public most games are never seen in their early form outside of maybe one or two early trailers which obviously show the game in a state where it’s only been in development for a couple of months as opposed to two or three years.  Sometimes seeing a game a mere two months later at an event can be a complete night and day experience since things will either be refined and touched up or somehow

Battlefield 3's Caspian Border Trailer Showcase Air Combat

One of the biggest advantages that Battlefield has always had over its competitors was the addition of military vehicles into the gameplay, and especially into the multiplayer. While Call of Duty and its ilk may have locked down the mechanics of gun play, or hand-to-hand combat, Battlefield has always reigned supreme when it came to enveloping the entirety of the… well battlefield.

New Mass Effect 3 Trailer Reveals Some Combat Action

BioWare drops a spanking new Mass Effect 3 trailer today which reveals some of the game's new combat mechanics. The trailer which is apparently just part one of the reveal features Commander Shepard leading some of his comrades into battle as they get into a gunfight with Cerberus.

FIFA Street Is Making Another Comeback

We heard that it was going to happen earlier this year, but Electronic Arts have officially confirmed that the FIFA Street franchise is making a return.  Ditching the stylized look and arcade action found in the last iteration of the series, EA’s FIFA Street reboot will strive to offer the most authentic representation of street soccer while still being fun to play.

SSX Gets Another Veteran Rider With The Arrival Of Eddie

Since EA basically redesigned their vision for the SSX reboot gamers are thankfully getting the SSX game they want – or at least the characters they want. Joining already announced characters such as Mac, Elise, Kaori and Moby is none other than Mr. Afro Thunder himself – Eddie Wachowski.  An SSX veteran since the days of SSX: Tricky, Eddie in a way perfectly summed up what SSX was all about: being yourself and having a fun ass time hitting the slopes.

EA Hits The Grass and Clay Courts Once More In Grand Slam Tennis 2

EA really hasn’t said much about the HD port of Grand Slam Tennis for quite some time, but the game is finally coming – at least in the form of a sequel.  Coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 next year, Grand Slam Tennis will feature more tennis action, some of which will be enhanced on the PS3 by supporting the PlayStation Move so we can all get our full tennis action on.  Originally EA was prepping to do a HD port of Grand Slam Tennis since the game first made its debut on the Wii, but despite committing to the game EA subsequently cancelled it – likely in favor of starting things wit

EA May Be Bringing The Old PC Game Alpha Centauri Back In Some Form

EA may be throwing gamers a bone of sorts since the cult hit strategy game Alpha Centauri may be making a comeback in some fashion.  Created by game design god Sid Meier, Alpha Centauri was basically Civilization sci-fi edition as the game allowed gamers to go on a journey that involved creating a life on the titular planet.  Released in 1999, Alpha Centauri got a lot of praise but really didn’t set the charts on fire – even in an EA era in which everything didn’t have to sell upwards of 900,000 units to justi

Battlefield 3 Is Receiving A Spin-Off Novel

The video game biz is no longer restricted to the world of consoles and as we have all seen over the years is instead a multi-media empire with some franchises being on par with mainstream faves like Star Wars.  Most video games are better suited for comic book, anime, or film adaptations than others and some shouldn’t even be thought of making the leap when it comes to being adapted into a novel.

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