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EA Gives Us Another Update On The Future Of NBA Street and Def Jam (It's not good)

This may become a sad day for gamers, but Electronic Arts has officially, and once again reiterated, that the NBA Street and Def Jam franchises are all but dead.  Beloved on the last generation of consoles, both NBA Street and Def Jam provided some fun arcade action that in a way strengthened EA’s portfolio and provided some variety in the video game market.

Bioware Finally Officially Confirms Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer

Finally after weeks of rumors speculating on whether or not Bioware's Mass Effect 3 will have a multiplayer component. The worst kept secret has finally been put to rest as Bioware officially declared earlier today on their Twitter feed that Mass Effect 3 will indeed have some form of Multiplayer when the game ships next year on March 06 2012.

A Small Hint Of What The Future Holds For Criterion Games

Outside of releasing Burnout Crash to the dismay of gamers everywhere, developer Criterion Games have stayed extremely tight lipped about what the future holds for the studio.  There’s no concern that EA will shutter Criterion, but the main issue has simply been what’s next for Criterion?  Will Criterion immediately be the go-to studio for developing future Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit games or will Burnout receive a proper follow-up at some point?

Isaac Will Have Tons Of Issues Based On These Dead Space 3 Details

Interesting things could be afoot in Dead Space 3 as per yet another supposed script/plot leak for the title.  While the project has yet to be formally announced by EA and Visceral Games, at least in the way of game details etc., a mole within EA has shared some details on what’s in store for Isaac Clarke.  Late last month we received word that Dead Space 3 would see Isaac on a snow covered planet with a Necromorph Hivemind in addition to two female protagonists, one of which was a returning

SSX Is Definitely Back In Form With This New Video

After being extremely worried that something we’ve diligently waited for was going to be a mess, the new SSX game looks about as sexy as a video game can get.  Ever since E3 rolled around this year the team at EA Vancouver have proved that they’re taking the right steps in making a modern SSX game with a few new bells and whistles thrown in for good measure.

Syndicate Premier Trailer Features More Standard FPS Action, Slick Sci-Fi Visuals

EA and Starbreeze really didn’t make gamers feel overly excited when the long in development Syndicate reboot/relaunch was announced since it seemed like an average FPS game.  With only a few scant details and in-game screens, the new Syndicate game appeared to be something that had good intentions behind it but was ultimately deemed by core Syndicate fan as yet another FPS game with a few Syndicate elements thrown in.  Such early sentiments were initially thought to be common jaded thoughts from a particular fanbase, but this premier trailer for Syndicate is rather telling of the

More Stylized Slice and Dice Action Will Be Abound In Shank 2

It’s rare to see an indie game receive a sequel, even when it has the backing of a major publisher, but such a thing is happening with Klei Entertainment’s Shank franchise. Last seen in 2010, EA and Klei have announced that Shank 2 will be hitting consoles early next year and will once again feature a mix of stylish visuals skillful combat.

Dead Space 3 May Be Reinventing Itself [Rumor]

Last week we received some rather uneventful news from certain outlets concerning the “surprise” reveal of Dead Space 3.  Seeing a mere logo and some possible concept art from a video isn’t that much to get excited about especially since it was confirmed ages ago that Dead Space 3 was going to happen due to the huge success Dead Space 2 received (the game sold 2 million units).  But hyping up small stuff is just part of the game biz right?

Need for Speed: The Run Kind Of Has A Story Based On This New Trailer

EA’s forthcoming Need for Speed: The Run just isn’t your average racing experience with a healthy amount of thrills and action. No siree, NFS: The Run is being billed as the first movie like NFS experience since it has an actual story to go along with the racing action it offers, which in the case of the game revolves around an underground cross country race.  Taking things in a more narrative driven direction, perhaps akin to the old-school Driver games, may have had potential, but I’m not seeing much in this new trailer for The Run.

EA Finally Reveals The Somewhat Average Looking Syndicate Reboot

After being rumored for a long time and then somewhat announced and later delayed, Electronic Arts has finally announced their reboot of the cult favorite Syndicate franchise.  Once a major series for EA back before they became known for their sports and action titles, Syndicate was a game that didn’t instantly rely on how fast your trigger finger was but how smart you were.  Now under the guise of Swedish developer Starbreeze (The Darkness, Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay), Syndicate is partly dumping its past in favor of becoming an action centric game of the FPS

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