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Behold The Cheesy Greatness Of The Dragon Age Anime

In the world of video games it has been interesting to see how the Dragon Age franchise has prospered to an extent yet it still doesn’t really have a voice per say.  Where the game comes from is enough to get most gamers going since BioWare are still considered development gods in the gaming biz, at least for now.  But despite the might behind the series Dragon Age has never really established a major foothold amongst gamers to the point where it becomes a beloved franchise.

SSX Gets A Slight Delay and a Glorious New Trailer

I have some good news and some bad news concerning EA’s forthcoming SSX reboot. The bad news is that the game has once again been delayed ever so slightly by a few weeks and will instead drop in late February.  The good news however is that EA and the SSX dev team has released a simply stunning new gameplay video that shows us once and for all that the new SSX is definitely bringing the goods.

[Rumor] Will Dead Space Receive Two Somewhat Unexpected Spin-Offs Before A Core Reinvention?

The Dead Space franchise may be a hit in the eyes of gamers, but it seems like EA wants the series to go on to become a mega hit thus changes are inbound.  While the third core entry in the Dead Space series has yet to be announced (is a Spike VGAs reveal possible?), Kotaku is reporting that EA is already planning the next stage of the Dead Space franchise which would see the series go in several familiar yet radically different routes.

FIFA Street Shows It's Realistic Side In This New Video

I’m a fan of the terrific sport that if soccer/football and deep inside my gamer heart I want EA’s latest stab at FIFA Street to be good.  The fact that we’re getting another installment of FIFA Street is a surprise to begin with since the games for the PS2/Xbox generation were simply so-so and the HD installment of the series proved to be less than stunning in its complete cartoon inspired glory.  

EA's Origin Service Could Be Coming To The Wii U

The Wii U may have been revealed already but there are still a lot of things we don’t know about the console and likely won’t know until it re-emerges at E3 2012.  Nintendo’s direction with the Wii U seems somewhat unfocused as of now but one major bullet point that folks like Reggie Fils-Aime made known in countless interviews is that Nintendo will be trying to provide a better online infrastructure in both how gamers play games online and how they purchase their online based content.

Battlefield 3 [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Battlefield has always been a series focused on co-operative team play, massive battles encompassing land, sea, and air as well as a showcase of a variety of different military vehicles. The 'third' instalment of the series doesn't diverge from the tried and true formula, but does make some much-needed tweaks to the over-all gameplay to advance the series into the modern generation of FPS titles and beyond.

The Pros: 

+Team-focused combat sees a return, and gets some balance tweaks.

+Impressive graphical upgrades over the series predacessors. 

+A more compelling single-player campaign then previous ventures.

+Bigger better battles that let you take the fight on virtually every front.

The Cons: 

-The main story feels like it cribs a little to heavily from Call of Duty.

-A couple of bad-apples can ruin the experience real quick, as you are reliant on your teammates.

-The flashlight/laser sight system can be abused for annoyance VERY easily. Rating : 

Outside of the Bad Company sub-series, Battlefield has never been a series that's been held up by its deep or interesting story. What story was offered in the games previous was little more than an introduction to the mechanics of the game; an extended tutorial if you would. That's probably the reason why Battlefield 3's story-mode isn't getting a whole lot of focus from reviewers. Reviewers and gamers alike will be jumping into the game with one focus in mind, and everything else as a secondary.

FIFA 12 For The Vita Makes A Good First Impression In These New Screens

The launch of the PlayStation Vita wouldn’t be complete with a sports title and thankfully EA is there to provide such a thing with FIFA 12.  Traditionally soccer games on the handhelds have never fared well due to the obvious technical limitations but FIFA 12 is looking rather impressive in these debut images EA has released.

Take A Quick Tour Through The Regions Of SSX [Video]

At this point EA has almost completely turned around the fan reception on the SSX reboot since the game looks good. Seriously, I know I was a hater of the apparent dudebro direction the new SSX title was going in, but after seeing the game evolve over the last few months and then getting some hands-on time with it I’m all but sold on the title, and that’s not just because I need a new snowboarding game in my life.

EA Could Be Sending Us To Prison In Prison Kings

There are a lot of things I want to see in video games, one of which is to see a game set in prison. A prison may not be the most exciting of places for a video game to be set, but the cutthroat nature of the place and the potential dramatic opportunities it offers (no, I’m not referring to a drop the soap incident) would work quite well for a video game.

Syndicate Walkthrough Video Shows Some Decent Action and Thrills

The amount of skepticism concerning EA’s reboot of Syndicate is entirely justified since there are some issues or at least general worries about the game.  Gone is the strategy focused action of the previous Syndicate games as it’s been replaced with FPS action that at times seems overly similar to what we’ve seen in other games.  But if one were to look at Syndicate as its own thing, entirely unrelated or inspired by something that gamers loved over ten years ago, then maybe the Syndicate reboot will be able to survive and garner the interest of gamers.

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