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Put your face into Fight Night Round 4 with EA's Game Face tool

Past games like Rainbow Six and Face Breakers have incorporated a feature that allow you to import photos of yourself, friends or that guy on the bus who smells, slap them on characters and kick the crap out of them. It's pretty fantastic. But if you thought that was fun, then EA's most recent press release will floor you. Literally.

Players will be able to upload their photos to EA's server and create player models based off of them. Not just re-skin a template model, but actually generate face and head shape based upon the photos you upload.

BioWare lets us breathe easy with new Mass Effect trailer

Damnit BioWare! You know I love you, but you have a hell of a lot gumption toying with my emotions.

A few new Mass Effect 2 tidbits

A few weeks ago we got our first official piece of media for the highly awaited Mass Effect 2 in the form of a prelude trailer to E3. The trailer itself showed a decent amount of footage and was quite informative for the fans out there that have been aching for new info. While E3 is just two weeks away ME fans have some new info to tide them over until the eventual media blowout for the game.

Suda 51 gives an update on No More Heroes 2 and his EA project

One of the most popular Wii games amongst the hardcore gaming crowd is No More Heroes. The unique mix of interesting violent game play, over-the-top characters and geek overtones garnered the game an audience among the otaku crowd that its protagonist Travis Touchdown was based on.

Is Criterion going to develop the next Need For Speed game?

A few months ago a rumor popped up that involved Criterion, the makers of the Burnout franchise, taking over an installment of the Need for Speed franchise. At the time many simply brushed the rumor aside as it seemed odd that EA would have Criterion work on an installment of the series especially since Burnout Paradise was just released at the time.

Is Apple looking to buy Electronic Arts after EA's ninth straight quarterly loss?

On Tuesday Electronic Arts games posted their 9th striaght quarter loss. They also declared that revenue for the year will be lower than projected. What does this mean in the world of gaming? Nothing according to EA management who say they have the situation under control. Did I miss something? How do you have the situation under control when you lose $600million in sales for a year? That's not exactly misplacing your beer money.

A Possible Peak Into Future Mercenaries 3 Features?

This afternoon Electronic Arts posted a link to survey on their Twitter profile concerning the future of the Mercenaries franchise.  While video game companies conducting surveys isn’t a big deal it should be noted that the Mercenaries survey, which was only available to the first 200 people to take it, brought up some potential drastic changes to the series.

The Mediocrity Continues

Last night on Gametrailers TV two new trailers premiered for the upcoming game versions of G.I. Joe and Terminator Salvation. We all know that the majority of film based games are garbage and these two trailers really don't break that mold. Since the pictures for the G.I. Joe game were released we all knew it was going to be a joke but seeing it in motion is just a whole another level of "what were they thinking?"

Skate 2 Gets Huge Update.

Over at the Skate 2 Producers blog a recent interview with the games online producer Brian Lindley reveals that a huge update is being released on Monday (March 23).

The patch, which will be available to both 360 and PS3 owners, is going to fix a number of technical issues, exploits and even address some gamer community requests. The most notable of these being fixes being improved off-board walking mechanics on both platforms and the addition of custom soundtrack options for the PS3.

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