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The Need For Speed Film Gets Picked Up By A Hollywood Studio + Director News

This news may fall into either the good or bad news category depending on where your feelings lie about film adaptations of video games.  Last month word surfaced that Electronic Arts had decided to shop around a film adaptation of their long running Need For Speed franchise, which all together seemed like an odd thing to do considering the more cinematic properties the company has such as Army of Two.

Criterion (Burnout, Need for Speed) Working On PlayStation Vita Game

The past two months have been extremely painful if you’re a PlayStation Vita owner since the offerings on the platform have been slim.  There’s always a post-launch dry spell, but for some reason it seems a bit tougher for the Vita seeing as how the system got off to a good start with the release of games such as Wipeout, Uncharted, and Lumines yet here we are with nothing to entice us.   Core Vita gamers have been doing their best to stay patient despite starving for goodness to keep them entertained.

SSX - Mount Eddie DLC [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

As a somewhat minimal add-on to the core SSX experience the Mount Eddie DLC succeeds in giving some exciting content to gamers as well as providing a much desired return to the classic SSX formula.  Mount Eddie may not be bursting at the seams with content as it only has a couple of events, but at the end of the day it’s still an amazing addition to SSX since it captures the same fun energy that the series had back in the PS2 era.

The Pros: 

+ The price point is perfect for what’s offered.

+ Combining the tone of the new SSX with the classic era doesn’t feel too odd as both are evenly represented.

+ Mount Eddie itself has a balanced design which results in some amazing trick opportunities.

The Cons: 

- Not having a Deadly Descent does feel a bit odd and like a missed opportunity.

- Half pipes are slightly under-utilized which is a shame. Rating : 

Taking an already fun game and making it more fun is sometimes a tough thing to do, especially when it comes in the form of DLC.  We’ve seen dozens of games go the DLC route this generation with add-on content that in some cases has been terrible in what it provided to the player. There’s honestly nothing worse than paying an additional $5 or $10 for some add-on content after you spend $60 on a game only to think about how you would’ve been better off buying a sub from Subway with that money.

Crysis 3 Trailer Has Bow & Arrow Action + Wubdub Soundtrack

Following up on the not so surprise announcement that occurred last week, EA and Crytek have released the first in-game trailer for Crysis 3.  As some of you may already know the next entry in the franchise sees the action once again taking place in New York but this time the city is not only ravaged by the scars of war but by the environment which has nearly overtaken the city.  

Tomorrow [April, 17th] a Big Day For RPG Fans.

Attention fellow RPGers, tomorrow marks an epic day for role-playing games fans as not one, not two but three epic RPG related events will occur in one day. The first two is guaranteed to happen whereas the third may not occur unless Bethesda decides to pull the rug on anticipating Skyrim fans.

Crysis 3 On The Way In 2013

The futuristic shoorter known as Crysis will have its third instalement launch in early 2013.

The news comes straight from developer Crytek, who will utilize their CryENGINE3 for Crysis 3. Hopefully if the game sells well they won’t end up crying... cue drum hilarity. Ah, can’t beat the classic one liners.

Potential Good Or Bad Situation: EA Is Pitching A Need for Speed Movie

The films we’ve received that have been based on video games haven’t been that good, with a few exceptions of course, but that isn’t stopping EA from doing something extremely unexpected and slightly dumb.  

SSX May Be Going Old-School In A Future DLC Pack

Earlier this year EA made all of us eat crow with the release of SSX, a game which in my view managed to do the series justice in nearly every possible way.  The HD version of SSX may not have been an exact replica of the earlier installments in the series, but it nonetheless carved out its own identity which of course was focused on pulling off extreme tricks in elaborate environments.

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut To Launch This Summer

For Mass Effect fans seeking closure, you’ll be happy to know it’s only a few months away.

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut will launch this Summer as free downloadable content. The DLC will provide deeper insight and more clarity in the conclusion of Commander Shepherd’s adventure. The news drops a mere day after an online poll listed Electronic Arts as the worst company in America... something that has clearly spoken volumes.

New Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning DLC on the way

 Fans of Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning can praise the Gods, for new downloadable content is on the way.

Teeth of Naros will add a whole new journey and land to the Amalur universe... or kingdom. The DLC will take players through the Teeth of Naros, a land named after an ancient Troll God. The area is inhabited by the Kollossae, a race of Giants.

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