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First Wave Of Details For Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel

Last week EA surprised us ever so slightly with the reveal of Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel. For the past few months we had known that a new AoT game was likely a thing due to a series of rumors and hints, but the lack of Salem & Rios in the leading roles and the March 2013 release date were otherwise unexpected.  Despite holding their yearly Summer press event, EA decided to keep details on Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel to a minimum but thankfully a few details has arisen thanks to Game Informer.

New Mass Effect 3 Leviathan & Firefight DLC Info Revealed.

Bioware today officially announced the first new single-player campaign related DLC for Mass Effect 3 called Leviathan and no I'm not counting the extended cut DLC as being first because that whole deal was ridiculous in my opinion.

Army of Two Is Officially Coming Back With Grittier Dudebro Action

The original dudebro classic is returning as EA has finally announced the next installment in the Army of Two franchise.  Absent at E3 this year, gamers wondered what would be next for the AoT franchise, especially in the wake of actor Joe Flanigan letting it slip that he would be voicing a character in the game.

Need For Speed Most Wanted Ups The Ante In This New Video

At E3 last month EA and Criterion did us a solid by bringing back Need For Speed Most Wanted albeit in a different form.  The Most Wanted name may be back, but as Criterion did with NFS Hot Pursuit, the Guildford based studio is putting their own unique spin on the game which of course puts fast racing to the forefront along with a healthy amount of car chases and elaborate wrecks.

Latest Dead Space 3 Screens Feature New Enemies and Lots Of Brown

Last month at E3 one of the many projects gamers wanted to see was revealed as EA finally lift the lid off of Dead Space 3.  We all knew that a third entry in the Dead Space series was happening, but with only unconfirmed rumors there was no knowing when or what the next entry in the sci-fi action-horror series would be.  Obviously we know what the end goal and direction of Dead Space 3 is now, and honestly it isn’t as spectacular as some had hoped it would be.

Electronic Arts Gives Us A Small Update On The New UFC Game

E3 gave us quite a few surprises last month but one that resonated greatly was the announcement that the UFC franchise was jumping ship to EA.  Such news was interesting since it was yet another sign of THQ’s potential doom and also because of the apparent bad blood there was between EA and UFC honcho Dana White.  But in the world of business even bitter feelings can be pushed aside for the greater good that is pleasing the fans and earning a huge profit in the process as UFC is now part of the EA Sports family.

New Medal of Honor: Warfighter Trailer Shows Brief Multiplayer Glimpses

A new trailer has been released for Medal of Honor Warfighter (aka Dudebro International Edition) that shows off some explosive multiplayer footage.  Since being unveiled earlier this year the new MoH game looks to be building upon its modern warfare based predecessor in some key areas – one of which is upping the experience found in the multiplayer modes.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted Hands-On [E3 2012]

It may seem like EA is simply beating a dead horse, but the Need For Speed franchise continues to thrive with every new installment that’s released. Sure, there may be a stinker or two such as NFS: The Run, but even then the series manages to grab an audience that’s enthralled by the prospect of driving fast and extremely recklessly as opposed to taking four driving tests before the action finally heats up. 

Dead Space 3 Is Finally Revealed...Sort Of At Least In These New Screens

EA may have just had some of their thunder stolen as the first screens of Dead Space 3 have leaked online.  News on Dead Space 3 has picked up in recent months with rumors pointing to the action being set on an icy planet and a co-op component being thrown into the mix.  Well for better or worse these screens confirm quite a few elements that will be in Dead Space 3 but the question is whether or not they’re actually make the game better or simply be detrimental to the experience.

Mass Effect 3: Rebellion Pack DLC Incoming Next Week

Bioware today officially revealed the contents of their new Mass Effect 3 Rebellion DLC Pack whose content was apparently leaked a couple of weeks ago.

The Rebellion DLC Pack arrives next week on Tuesday, May 29 and will be available to download for free via Xbox Live, Sony's PlayStation Network and the PC. If you live in the UK area then you have to wait just one extra day (May 30) to download the new DLC for the PS3 version.

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