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Electronic Arts

Battlefield: Bad Company TV Series In Development, Produced By Sony TV

Since the release of Battlefield 3 both EA and DICE have kept quiet as to whether Bad Company, the other Battlefield game, would ever receive a third entry.  Not on the same level as the mega success received from the core Battlefield series, Bad Company proved to be a nice spin-off that didn’t take itself too seriously yet at the same time provided the action gamers expect from the franchise.

EA Officially Ends The Season For NBA Live 13

Things likely aren’t rosy within the massive halls of Electronic Arts since the company has officially put the kibosh on NBA Live 13.  After announcing the game would be delayed, possibly into early next year, EA has officially decided to cancel the game all together; resulting in the 2nd straight year in which EA has failed to ship a NBA game despite having one in active development.

New Need For Speed: Most Wanted Trailer Shows More Vehicular Action + PS Vita Version Gets Delayed

Going into a racing game we may know what we’re going to receive as there’s only so much you can do within those confines. Besides offering fast cars, a couple of different events, and maybe a themed race like a timed event what else can you do in a racing game? Well as they’ve done so in the past the talented folks over at Criterion Games are altering the racing game landscape with their latest example being Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

Fuse Debut Trailer May Fail To Ignite Your Hype

We may have only had some simple in-game screens to wet our longstanding appetite, but we finally have the first footage from Fuse – the game once known as Overstrike. The 3rd person action shooter from Insomniac Games has garnered a lot of attention as of late, some of which isn’t that positive since the game has undergone a rather obvious and substantial change in the art direction department which is devoid of the original flair and style we were originally presented with.  

EA Puts NBA Live 13 On The Bench (It Got Delayed)

For the second year in a row EA has missed its initial opportunity to launch a NBA game.  If you recall, last year saw the downright dismal situation that was NBA Elite 11.  After rebranding the franchise and going with completely analog based controls, NBA Elite 11 suffered a terrible setback when the reception from the pre-release demo was overwhelmingly negative. The reaction from gamers and the buggy nature of the game resulted in EA cancelling NBA Elite 11 at the last minute despite copies having already been pressed and sent to certain retail outlets.

First Details And Screens For Fuse, The New Title From Insomniac Games

The long awaited return of Overstrike, now dubbed Fuse, has finally happened and the game looks to be what we expected, both in the good and bad department.  It was two weeks ago in which we were promised a Fuse reveal and today we have our first in-game screens from the title along with some basic gameplay details.  If you expected Insomniac to deliver in the action department then all is good but if you wanted the 2011 premier trailer to be indicative of the final product then you may be a tad disappointed.

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Leviathan provides an interesting new chapter to the ME3 story, and it's clear that a good deal of thought and care went into both the narrative and encounter design, but it doesn't match ME2's best efforts, most notably Overlord or Lair of the Shadow Broker. The DLC provides some beautiful new areas to explore, answers questions and fills in some of the rich lore of the ME universe, and challenges the player with slight innovations during some stand-out action scenes. Still, with a misstep in revealing information too early and no truly difficult decisions to make, it's a little short and a little plodding for the price tag.

The Pros: 

+ Strong writing and voice acting, and some interesting, challenging twists on combat scenarios

+ Suitably creepy and mysterious, and well-paced overall with several ups and downs

+ New weapons, a new power, and decent payoff towards the main plot

The Cons: 

- Coming this late after ME3's release considerably lessens the impact of the events in Leviathan—I wish I could have played it on release

- Slower-paced "detective" work is fine at first, but once the player has exhausted the eye-candy and grown used to the mystery, sections can drag on

- Probably a little pricey for the value, especially when compared to past DLC Rating : 

Commander Shepard's exploits, male or female, have sold millions of copies of their games in our universe, safe-guarded billions of aliens in theirs, and have made headlines in both by including the ability to punch out reporters mid-sentence and explore cross-species, same-sex, and even old-fashioned hetero loving with accompanying make-out scenes. The intellectual property has been much-loved and simultaneously reviled, most recently by the outcry over ME3's original endings.

Insomniac Teases Overstrike, Albeit Now Under A Different Name

After being absent for a year, Insomniac’s first multiplatform game has surfaced again but it’s now under a new game and possibly a different art style as well. After capturing the attention of gamers at E3 2011, Overstrike from Insomniac Games looked like it would be a fun co-op centric game that played up the strengths of the studio (crazy weapon design + blowing stuff up), but then it vanished. Believed to be a possible victim of the EA Partners program, gamers wondered if Overstrike would ever return and now such a thing has happened.

Our First Look At Redemption, A Cancelled Project From Crytek

We already have a clue as to what the future may hold for Crytek, but today we also have a glimpse at a part of the company’s past, in particular an unreleased project that was once in the works.

First Footage Of Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel Features Lots Of Explosions

After going through the typical announcement cycle that publishers like to follow this generation, EA has finally released the first gameplay video for Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel. The third installment of the AoT series sees two new protagonists step up in addition to a bigger focus on gritty gameplay with a cinematic edge compared to the previous entries which were almost plain in their execution.

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