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Our First and Possibly Only Look At Capcom's Strider Reboot

Today news has been unearthed which may either please, disappoint, or simply anger longtime fans of the ninja that is Strider.  Capcom may have forgotten about its once popular red scarfed ninja, but apparently a reboot was in the works.  According to info pertained by Anait Games, Grin Barcelona was working on a new Strider game for Capcom.  Yes, the same folks who did the Bionic Commando reboot were going to give Strider a next-gen makeover as well.

Latest Resident Evil 6 Details Shed Some Light On The Game

Capcom is taking a rather aggressive approach to hyping up Resident Evil 6 and generally spreading the word about the game. It may have only been last month in which we received the premier trailer for the sixth entry in the RE series, but we don’t need to wait for GDC or Captivate to learn more details as Capcom has shed some more light on the bio-terror action presented in Resident Evil 6.

The Live-Action Phoenix Wright Movie Is Officially Coming To The West

Today brings good news for fans of Phoenix Wright and Japanese films as the live-action Phoenix Wright film will receive international distribution. Announced last year in a somewhat stealth like fashion, the live-action adaptation off everyone’s favorite spike haired attorney is helmed by acclaimed Japanese director Takashi Miike (ZebraMan, Thirteen Assassins).  

Capcom Pulls a Zone of the Enders With Dragon's Dogma (High Profile Demo Galore)

I thought today was mostly going to be a boring day since it’s Tuesday and not much of anything happens near the start of the week.  However, Capcom has announced a megaton announcement of sorts as the upcoming game Dragon’s Dogma will include a voucher code to download a demo of Resident Evil 6. Yup, Capcom has finally gone the Zone of the Enders and Crackdown route with one of their games.

Capcom Slightly Trolls Us With New Street Fighter X Tekken Roster Additions

Fighting games aren’t exactly my forte, or at least fighting games that are devoid of color-coded ninjas and an abundance of over-the-top violence.  Casey White is Shogun Gamer’s fighting game master but I felt a bit compelled to do a quick snippet on the latest reveal for Street Fighter X Tekken.  Now I’ve somewhat followed SF X Tekken since it was first announced but I haven’t been looking forward to it as much as the still to be revealed Tekken x Street Fighter, which I think could be amazing if everything comes together.

Resident Evil 6 Is Revealed And It Actually Looks Exciting

It’s not often in which a video game tease actually pays off, especially when it’s from Capcom. We haven’t been burned too much in the past by Capcom but reveals like DmC and Monster Hunter on the Xbox 360 have left gamers scratching their heads a bit if not completely feeling like they should act out this gif.

Resident Evil: Retribution Premier Trailer Is Ridiculous Beyond Belief

The time has finally come for our first look at Resident Evil: Retribution and as expected the film hasn’t disappointed us, or at least it hasn’t disappointed us by providing ludicrous material and action scenarios.  

Dead Rising 2 Creators Seeking Talent For New IP

It’s time to play the guessing game once again and this time it involves the sometimes schizophrenic Capcom. Over the course of this console generation Capcom started off strong with key releases such as Lost Planet and Dead Rising, but then wheels buckled on the Capcom hype train with titles such as Bionic Commando and how properties such as Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Devil May Cry have been handled.  Capcom’s current stable of titles and developers may be shaky at best, but there is hope with Capcom Vancouver, who just so happen to be at the center of our latest mystery.

Plot Synopsis Finally Released For Resident Evil: Retribution and It's Somewhat Vague

With principal photography on Resident Evil: Retribution wrapping just before Christmas we haven’t received too many updates about the film either in an official or unofficial capacity. After spilling the beans for months via Twitter, RE leading lady Milla Jovovich has gone dark when it comes to the fifth Resident Evil film which has left fans of the series, yes those do exist, yearning for more.  

Ninja Theory/Capcom Enslists Top Talent For Devil May Cry Mo-Cap

Outside of updates pertaining to Ninja Theory receiving death threats (seriously, that’s really messed up), and the occasional gameplay video, we haven’t learned a whole lot about Devil May Cry in the past six months.  Receiving full character and gameplay details may still have to wait until Capcom’s Captivate event in April or E3, but it has been confirmed that Ninja Theory is once utilizing their “cutting-edge” performance capture tech to execute the multi-faceted narrative featured n DmC.

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