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A Capcom Veteran Joins The Dev Team Of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Another megaton announcement has come out of Sony today that pertains to an upcoming PS3 game that has been constantly debated since it was revealed.  So far the reception PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has received has been mostly good but there have definitely been those out there who either haven’t been impressed with the game or are weary of it given how similar it appears to Nintendo’s Smash Bros. franchise.

New Resident Evil 6 Footage Shows New Leon Section + First PS3 Footage

Having already made a splash at E3 with a bevy of new footage, Capcom has decided to show even more of Resident Evil 6 but this time the biggie is that we have our first glimpse of the game running on the PS3.  We may be six years into the lifecycle of the PS3, but for one reason or another it’s still a big deal to see footage of a multiplatform game running on the PS3 since framerate issues, poor textures, or other unforeseen errors can still occur which rub gamers the wrong kind of way.

Latest EX Troopers Trailer Shows More Anime Inspired Action

Capcom may not have featured the game at E3 earlier this month, but the company seemingly has no problem showing off the new Lost Planet spinoff EX Troopers at other events, specifically those that take place in Japan. This past weekend Capcom showed off EX Troopers in a public capacity by showing the game running on the PS3. While such news may not mean much to those who live in the U.S. or Europe, we do have a new trailer for EX Troopers which once again shows that Capcom may be going a bit old-school.

Dubstep Ravers Rejoice - The Soundtrack Of DmC Is Revealed

The overall direction of DmC may still seem like a wildcard to a lot of people, but ever so slowly both Ninja Theory and Capcom have actually been showing elements which indicate that the DMC we know and love is still underneath the new Ninja Theory coat of paint.  Certain elements of the classic DMC may be out of action in DmC, but the combat was still engaging based on what I played and saw at E3 earlier this month and visually the game is approaching a level that only some games dream of reaching.

Capcom Is Opening A Resident Evil Themed Restaurant

In all their infinite wisdom Capcom has decided to do something special to promote one of their marquee titles. No, Capcom isn’t doing a nationwide bus tour of DmC to prove that the game isn’t garbage as they’re instead opening a boutique Resident Evil themed restaurant in Japan. Yup, those who reside in Japan can potentially eat an actual Jill sandwich for a potentially obscene price.

Capcom Announces Okami HD For The PS3

Capcom has done us a solid by giving us a HD re-release of a game many of us adore. Today it was announced that come this Fall Okami will appear on the PlayStation 3 in a HD remix which will see the game update with improved visuals, PlayStation Move support, and Trophies. Yay for being able to do celestial brush attacks with the PS Move!

DmC Hands-On + Preview [E3 2012]

Sometimes I can be brutally blunt about my particular stance on a game no matter what sort of article I’m writing. There’s supposed to be an impartial way to writing news and a somewhat unsaid rule of not being too brutal when it comes to previews otherwise one will feel the wrath of PR and even the developers (see the great Denis Dyack incident of E2 2008 as an example). In the past I’ve been honest about my feelings for DmC, the Devil May Cry reboot that in some ways seems unnecessary or ill-conceived compared to the brilliance of the past entries.  

Lost Planet 3 Hands-On [E3 2012]

Of the many games out there that could receive the sequel treatment I think the fact that the Lost Planet series was set to continue with Lost Planet 3 surprised a lot of folks.  There’s no denying that the first Lost Planet game was good, but Lost Planet 2 was just kind of there and the lackluster sales almost signified that the interest people had in the series was beginning to decline.  But alas, Capcom opted to continue the Lost Planet series with a third entry and after playing the demo of Lost Planet 3 at E3 I’m kind of happy they did such a thing.

EX Troopers Debut Trailer Isn't Complete Garbage

Yesterday the question some gamers were asking themselves was “Why is this being made?”  The game that led to such a question being asked was none other than Capcom’s newly announced PS3/3DS title EX Troopers.  A spin-off of the Lost Planet franchise, EX Troopers was revealed to be an anime inspired action/adventure game with light RPG elements and plenty of bug eyed human characters to fulfill the anime quota.

Lost Planet Is Receiving A Spin-Off With EX Troopers

Capcom has been on a roll lately when it comes to lightly trolling gamers, not only with the games that are produced by the company but the business decisions that are made as well. Far from being looked at as a once great warrior that has fallen, much like Konami is, Capcom is just making some weird moves that are a complete toss up when it comes to being viable financially and critically.

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