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Lost Planet 3 Shows A More Dramatic Side In This New Trailer + Release Date Revealed

Capcom’s somewhat unexpected reboot/sequel of the Lost Planet series has emerged once again after a brief absence. Not seen since E3 2012, some had wondered if things had gone terribly wrong with Lost Planet 3 due to the radio silence both by Capcom and Spark Unlimited. Yet here we are once again graced by the new everyman hero of Lost Planet 3 along with news of when the game will arrive.

Next Resident Evil Movie Given Release Date

The sixth, and presumably last, Resident Evil movie has now been given a release date. While an official announcement has yet to be made with the typical vague PR details meant to hype things up, ShockTilYouDrop is reporting that Sony Pictures has given Resident Evil 6 a September 12, 2014 release date.

Capcom Unveils New Trailer For Remember Me + Release Date

If exploring a futuristic version of Paris is something you’ve keen to do as you rebuild the memories of your character, you may be happy with this latest announcement for Remember Me.  The new IP Capcom is pushing, which surprisingly isn’t developed by any of their internal studios, Remember Me caught the attention of gamers when it was revealed at Gamescom last year – not just because it shares the same title as a sappy Robert Pattison romantic drama but because it looks intriguing all around.

Capcom Permanently Puts Dino Crisis and Onimusha On The Backburner

There’s always hope within us that a certain gaming franchise we’ve adored will come out of its long dormant slumber.  We don’t see too many franchises fall off the radar due to a shift in tastes or an ill-conceived installment, yet such a thing was the case for the Onimusha and Dino Crisis franchises.  After starting off strong, both Onimusha and Dino Crisis were put on the bench by Capcom after poor installments and now news has come down that Capcom has opted to officially retire both games.

Strider Could Be Poised For A Return

Seemingly on a trend of rebooting their franchises, Capcom could be ready to give Strider another shot - for real this time.  After enlisting the services of Grin Studios to reboot Strider with a modern and more Western appeal, Capcom decided to give that project the boot, thus helping Grin shutter in the process.  We only received a small sample of Grin’s ill-fated Strider reboot which was filled with Russians and snowy environments, but Strider could be making a long-await

Resident Evil: Revelations Could Be Making An Appearance On The PS3/Xbox 360

Port begging may have finally paid off in a rather unlikely way.  No matter what games may be available for certain consoles there’s always a desire to have something we can’t have - in this case a game for platform X.  Despite most games being multiplatform in nature, there are still a few platform exclusives here and there but Capcom could be doing PS3/Xbox 360 gamers and Resident Evil fans in particular, a huge solid by porting Resident Evil: Revelations.

Capcom Announces DmC DLC Starring Vergil

Good old Capcom has gone and done gamers a solid but at the same time have also committed one of those moves which may make us raise an eyebrow or two. After revealing that Vergil, Dante’s twin brother, would be in Devil May Cry gamers of course wondered if the classic character would be playable, either in a co-op centric mission or in a separate mode within the game. Well, I have good news and bad news: Vergil is indeed playable in DmC but it’s via post-release DLC.

DmC Demo Set For November Release

Judgment time may be near for Capcom’s reboot of the Devil May Cry franchise since gamers will be able to get a small taste of it prior to its January 2013 release.  After making public showings at events such as PAX Prime and the New York Comic Con, the new-age DmC will receive a rare pre-release demo next month.

EX Troopers Hands-On [Preview]

Capcom hasn’t exactly been as forthcoming as we wanted them to be on the matter, but even if the Lost Planet spin-off that is EX Troopers isn’t coming to the West we can ultimately get a small taste of the project.  Since Capcom hinted that EX Troopers wouldn’t be coming westward any time soon gamers have been outright annoyed since the game looks better than how we all thought it would be. 

Lost Planet 3 Walkthrough Video Shows New Enemies And More Action

Capcom may not be doing gamers and Lost Planet fans any favors by not bringing EX Troopers, the Lost Planet spin-off, to the Western markets. It may suck that we won’t be able to control a Vital Suit whilst listening to JPOP, but we still have the opportunity to experience a new type of Lost Planet thanks to the upcoming third entry in the series.

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