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Onimusha returns in the form of a high-end figure

Capcom may have effectively put the Onimusha franchise out to pasture after the disappointing release of Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams, but if you’re like me, a gamer who somewhat can’t let go of the past, then you may be happy to see this piece of Onimusha merchandise. Yes, it may have been over four years since the last Onimusha game was released, but toy/statue manufacturer Enterbay is releasing a new product based on Onimusha protagonist Akechi Samanosuke.

New Bayonetta statue/model kit is provocative and highly awesome

Bayonetta may not quite be a video game icon yet but she’s slowly making her way to becoming one if the ever increasing wave of products is any indication.  Obviously one may assume Bayonetta is getting such attention since she’s a hot video game heroine who doesn’t take any gruff. Well I must admit that assumption is correct. But Bayonetta’s appeal isn’t just of the sensual variety as her design is rather unique. Well if gamers want to stare at Bayonetta and bask in her glory every day then they can with this new Bayonetta statue/model kit.

God of War statue from Sideshow Collectibles gets a price and release date

After waiting for almost a year the Kratos statue from Sideshow Collectibles has finally been given a price and a release date. Those looking to own the impressive Kratos statue which measures in at 17” inches tall and weighs a hefty 10 pounds can purchase it for only $249.99 and it’ll be yours once it ships in Q4 2010.

Teaser trailer for the God of War statue from Sideshow Collectibles

Earlier this week I once again began to wonder what happened to the Sideshow Collectibles God of War statue. Announced last year, the statue has been MIA with not even a development blog for it on the Sideshow site.  One would’ve thought the statue would be released to coincide with God of War 3 but sadly we weren’t given an epic statue to go along with an epic game.

Hot Toys reveals the Assassin's Creed 2 Ezio figure

When it comes to high-end video game collectibles most of us will purchase anything, especially if it’s for a franchise we love.  Well if you’re a fan of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed series then get ready to lay down the big bucks as figure manufacturer Hot Toys has announced a figure based on Ezio from Assassin’s Creed 2.

Echochrome 2 video shows off cool puzzles and PS Move support

If you like to label yourself as a hardcore PlayStation/PS3 fan then you probably played the PSN release Echochrome. And if for some unimaginable reason you didn’t or never heard of it before then shame on you. Like seriously, expect me to remove you from my PSN friends list if you didn’t play what ended up being one of the most original PSN games ever released. Thankfully more gamers will be able to check out Echochrome’s originality with upcoming release of Echochrome II.

TRON Legacy merchandise revealed

Last week I was lucky enough to get some hands-on time with the upcoming TRON video games TRON: Evolution and Tron: Evolution – Battle Grids.  As a hardcore TRON fan it was definitely an E3 highlight to get a glimpse at TRON’s video game debut on the current video game systems.  Now Disney has revealed the rest of their plans for TRON as they have unveiled some of the core merchandise for TRON Legacy.

S#!T You Want - World Dictator special.

Welcome to the 13th Week of Cool S#!T You Want. With the excitements and disappointments of E3 complete. We can once again focus on what makes us happy, Stuff. This week we try and answer the difficult question" What would you buy if you were a world dictator/leader"?

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