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New No More Heroes 2 Figure Is Provocative Yet Really Awesome

If you’ve been reading Shogun Gamer for a while now you probably know I adore the No More Heroes franchise.  The first No More Heroes game was one of the reasons I bought a Wii, if not the only reason, and I try to own as much NMH stuff as my budget can allow me.  So with how high I revere the No More Heroes franchise, just imagine my reaction upon hearing the news that a No More Heroes figure of Sylvia Christel is finally available for pre-order.

See Who Won Our HUGE Collection of Gaming Swag + $25 from

The entries are in for our HUGE swag bag contest! Thanks everyone for playing along. We've picked our contest winner, and you can check out who won our random draw in the video below. They'll have one week to collect their prize, otherwise another draw!

Thanks again to for the extra $25 gift card, and Tek Support for his buttery beats.

Have Some Characters In Batman: Arkham City Finally Been Revealed? [RUMOR]

In terms of keeping a project completely sealed from any potential leaks, the job that developer Rocksteady and WB Games has done so far in regards to Batman: Arkham City is almost on the same caliber as what Rockstar Games typically does with their productions.  Since the new adventure of the Dark Knight was unveiled last Summer, we really haven’t heard a peep about what the game has in store for us aside from a few basic gameplay additions and how the maniacal Dr. Hugo Strange would be causing our favorite vigilante some trouble.

Activision Announces The Video Game/Toy Based Hybrid Skylanders: Spyro's Adventures

Yesterday brought us the interesting news of Activisions rumored reboot of Spyro the Dragon.  In the wake of Activision’s announcements on Wednesday (cancelled projects and mass firings galore) the fact that Activision was moving forward with a new Spyro game seemed like the company was kicking gamers and its former employees in the stomach while they were down and then to top things off it almost felt like they were pissing on us, Spartacus style.

Activision Possibly Rebooting Spyro the Dragon With A New Game + Toy Line

Among the many classic games released for the PlayStation 1 back in the day there was one game in particular that found great success: Spyro the Dragon.  Created by Insomniac Games, Spyro just clicked with gamers due to the colorful graphics and the fun platforming that playing as a purple dragon offered.

Win a HUGE Collection of Gaming Swag + $25 from

If you've followed convention coverage before, you know one of our specialties is collecting a ton of gaming related SWAG from every one we can, and giving you a chance to win it.

Unfortunately, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is not exactly the Super Bowl of cool merch, unless you really like 1GB generic USB drives, pens and the occasional screen wipe. So I've been searching for help from our friends, partners and sponsors to help put on what is undoubtedly our biggest swag haul to date.

This Is What An Expensive Bayonetta Statue Looks Like

Many of you out there know that I have an affinity for cool statues/figures, most of which tend to have a hefty price tag.  It may hurt my wallet a bit, but I just like to own cool products that are based off of video games, especially if it’s an impressive Kratos statue that just so happens to cost $260.  But I think I may have finally come across a product that is simply too much for me, both in terms of scale and the price that’s associated with it.

Get Your Own Dead Space Plasma Cutter Replica

Often in the video games we play we come across things that we would love to own if given the chance.  Some gamers may want their very own replica of Master Chief’s armor while others may want a 1:1 replica of Dante’s sword from Devil May Cry.  Occasionally such items are actually made, though in varying quality and with prices which are often bloated.  Now two replica products are being made for the hottest game at the moment: Dead Space 2.

Toy collector freak out time: Zone of the Enders Revoltech figure coming out

Being a fan of Zone of the Enders is somewhat agonizing as its been eight years since we received Zone of the Enders 2.  The second installment of the ZOE franchise didn’t set the sales charts afire, but the series has a loyal fanbase who is desperately yearning for a HD installment. Hideo Kojima hasn’t done us any favors as we merely get teases of ZOE 3 but nothing ever concrete as to whether the series will return. But hey, at least we have this kick-ass Zone of the Enders Revoltech figure to satisfy our ZOE fandom.

Shogun Gamer Holiday Contest

With the Holiday season still lingering, I thought it would be nice to reward some of y’all with some stuff – specifically free games and a kick-ass figure. You see, I’m not a completely jaded punk and instead I’m a bit of a softy and kind chap who thought it would be nice to give some of our loyal readers a reward of sorts. So to cap of 2010 and start 2011 off with a bang, I’m giving away two free games and a figure from the Square Enix Play Arts Kai series.

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