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Tecmo Koei Formally Reveals DOA5 Plus and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus For PS Vita

The head of Team Ninja may have let the cat out of the bag this past weekend, but Tecmo Koei have “officially” announced the forthcoming PlayStation Vita arrival of the Dead or Alive franchise.  Presented in a package that will be familiar to DOA fans, Vita owners will be able to experience Dead or Alive 5 Plus, a rather straightforward port that is adding a few tricks into it’s existing repertoire. 

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC Is Revealed In These New Screens

PlayStation All-Stars is going to receive a nice amount of DLC in the future, or more specifically within the next two months.  We’ve already received word on the first characters set to go the DLC route as both Kat from Gravity Rush and Emmett from Starhawk will going the PS All-Stars cast, thus giving gamers more options.  On top of that goodness, a new stage is also in the works to coincide with the first character expansion that delivers not just one, but two visual delights.

Dead Or Alive 5 Is Set To Appear On The PlayStation Vita

The argument can still be made that the PlayStation Vita is lacking in the games department, though it can’t be said the handheld is sorely lacking when it comes to providing games in the fighting genre. With entries in the Mortal Kombat, Marvel vs. Capcom, and BlazBlue franchises being on Sony’s powerful handheld, the options are there for gamers wishing to enjoy a bout of combat.  A Tekken installment on the Vita may still be off the cards for now, but the over-the-top brawler that is Dead or Alive is soon set to arrive on the handheld.

Uncharted: Fight For Fortune Is A Thing, Details/Video Released

Pulled deep within a tomb of “Why the hell does this game exist?”, Sony has officially announced Uncharted: Fight For Fortune. The next PlayStation Vita installment in the Uncharted series, this latest entry forgoes the standard pulp action & adventure tone that gamers love in favor of being a turn-based card game. Yup, it’s time for Nathan Drake to deliver epic punches via the wonders of waiting your turn and issuing the deadly kapow card.

Sony Bend (Syphon Filter, Uncharted: Golden Abyss) Staffing Up For New Vita Project

Some disappointment may have been present when it was revealed that the Vita bound Uncharted: Fight or Fortune was a card/gambling game, but hope may not be lost for a proper sequel to Uncharted: Golden Abyss.  Performing well, both critically and commercially, a new Uncharted Vita game was likely expected to happen yet the question still stood of exactly when. Well based on a recent job listing we could receive such goodness somewhat soon.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Set To Receive Two DLC Characters

The character driven brawler that is PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is set to drop next week with an impressive roster of both old and new favorites.

Sony Reveals PS Plus Updates For Vita (They're Shockingly Good)

It may be time for PlayStation Vita owners to buy a new memory stick since Sony is finally giving us the goods more or less. After announcing earlier this year that the PlayStation Plus service would be bound for the Vita, Sony has at long last announced what free games will be available to gamers and thankfully the launch isn’t a complete bust.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Final Boss Revealed + Intro Video

Sony may not be doing their best to promote PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale considering the game comes out in less than two weeks, but such a thing ultimately won’t have an effect on the overall quality of the product.  Debates about the similarities between PS All-Stars and the Smash Bros. franchise will likely continue until the planet Earth is invaded by aliens or suddenly goes boom, but the team at SuperBot Entertainment have done something that will likely please everyone who has been a PlayStation fan since day 1.

Uncharted Is Returning To The Vita Once Again In An Unexpected Game

Fans of the Uncharted series may be happy to hear that the franchise is making a return to the PlayStation Vita in a smaller and less action oriented adventure.  After serving as a launch game for the Vita earlier this year, Uncharted is returning to Sony’s handheld once more in Uncharted: Fight or Fortune - a new card based game.

Killzone: Intercept (Indie Made Short Film) Debuts

A full-on Killzone movie may still be a ways off from happening, at least as of now, but we can get a taste of what such a thing would be like through Killzone: Intercept. An indie short film made by Brian Curtin, the same guy who did the incredible Beyond Black Mesa, Killzone: Intercept shows us a glimpse of the battle between the ISA and Helghast while instilling once again that war is always hell.

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