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Sony's Wonderbook Device Receives A Magically Affordable Price + Release Date

It may not have had the best debut at Sony’s E3 2012 press conference, but the Wonderbook did have a near exceptional showing two months later at Gamescom.  The new PS3 peripheral may still not be for everyone, but after receiving a tease of Diggs Nightcrawler, learning that Disney is supporting the device, and seeing a glimpse of Walking With Dinosaurs from the BBC the Wonderbook didn’t seem like an absolute blunder as its E3 debut somewhat portrayed it as.

Metal Gear Rising Hands-on [PAX Prime 2012]

I’ve said, since I got my Sonic Team logo tattoo, that if I hadn’t gone with Sonic for permanent ink/nerd-cred I would have paid respect to Kojima-san by getting a Foxhound tattoo. So when Metal Gear Rising was first shown, I found myself a little leery, to say the least, at the concept of breaking the entire Metal Gear/tactical espionage genre being cast to the way-side in favor of a ridiculous, over-the-top action/adventure title.

Killzone HD Is Announced Yet Again Via The Killzone Trilogy

Originally mentioned earlier this year, the first entry of the Killzone series was set to make its debut on the PS3 – albeit in an unknown form. Not much in the way of details were given, but after suddenly being yanked from its presumed release date it was unknown what the fate was for the game, which one can surmise was a rather distressing thing for fans who wanted to play the game that started it all.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Hands-on [PAX Prime 2012]

I have a fair few passions in life, video games, music, movies, TV and the like… but two of the front-runners that have shaped my experiences throughout my life are that of fighting games and comic books. That’s why, since its announcement, I have been keeping a very close eye on Injustice: Gods Among Us, and why I made a special point to swing by the WB Games booth as soon as humanly possible to check out what’s next from NetherRealm.

Assassin's Creed III Preview [PAX Prime 2012]

Hopefully by now you’ve had an opportunity to peruse our awards from PAX Prime 2012. If you haven’t, take a quick peek, because I’m about to go into full-on fanboy mode for our Best of Show winner: Assassin’s Creed III.

Far Cry 3 Hands-on [PAX Prime 2012]

Here’s the problem I have with the Far Cry series, as a whole: It demos really, really well. Every single time they put a demo out there, and I go hands-on for the first time, I find myself absolutely blown away. The problem being that the games themselves, when you get that full-version game you’re so excited for, always seem to drop the ball somehow.

Best of PAX Prime 2012

First of all, before the merriment of an award ceremony (in text format) I want to offer a quick apology for our readership. This year’s PAX Prime information will be coming to you a day (or rather a couple of days late) due to an unhealthy amount of poor planning on our part, in conjunction with some rather unfortunate circumstances…

New Zone of the Enders HD Collection Trailer Shows off ZoE2

Some of us may already be familiar with the story and the battle scenarios, but it’s hard not to have our excitement rekindle for the Zone of the Enders Collection. Say what you will about games receiving the HD remaster treatment, but the mere fact that Konami and Kojima Productions are continuing the ZoE franchise in some form is good enough for us, even if it simply consists of the first two stunning games given a fresh HD coat of paint.

More Possible Doom & Gloom: Another Team Ico/SCEJ Staffer Departs

We may have received a slightly reassuring update concerning The Last Guardian nearly two weeks ago, but today the long in development project has received another setback of sorts. After Team Ico frontman Fumito Ueda announced that he would be leaving SCEJ and simply complete his work on The Last Guardian in a contractual basis, yet another Team Ico staffer is departing Sony.

Uncharted Film Starts From Scratch Yet Again

Just the other day I was thinking about what was the status of the Uncharted movie. I know that wondering about such a thing may seem trivial in a sense or I would be better off thinking about video game movies starring Michael Fassbender, but nonetheless I wondered where the Uncharted film stood in the giant machine that is Hollywood film development.

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