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PlayStation Network Store Updates: 7/6/10 [NA]

PlayStation Network updates for the week of July 6th 2010.

This week's PSN updates highlights includes the first of four Marvel Costume packs for LittleBigPlanet, a brand new Dragon Age: Origins DLC titled "Leliana's Song" which provides some back story for Leliana and to celebrate the announcement of the return of Twisted Metal, a Sweet Tooth Mod and Kart bundle for ModNation Racers fans.

PlayStation Network Store Update: 6/29/10 [NA]

PlayStation Network Store update for the week of June 29th which includes the introduction of PlayStation Plus and latest firmware update for your PlayStation 3 console.

The fighting styles of Black Leopard (Yakuza PSP) are revealed

After having watched both of the “Election” movies I’m in a mood for Asian gangster action.  Thankfully I’ll be able to unleash some brutal violence and experience gangster drama when and wherever I want with Yakuza’s debut on the PSP in Black Leopard: A New Tale of Yakuza.

Sony E3 2010 "LiveBlog" (yeah another one)

Hey everyone, it's me again and I'm doing yet another "liveblog" for E3 2010.  While my "liveblog" for Ubisoft's conference took place in a janky hotel, I'm currently in the E3 Media Room so I'm about 5 steps removed from actually being at Sony's conference. And hey, I can soak in the initial reactions from Sony's conference since I'm in a room with a bunch of other journos and bloggers who are as passionate as I am, including my fellow Shogun staff members.

PlayStation Network Store Update: 6/8/10 (North America)

PlayStation Network Store updates for the week of June 8 2010:

Sony's PlayStation Network Store Update: 6/01/10

Latest PlayStation Store Network updates for this week: June 1 2010

Capcom's RPG Last Ranker gets a new trailer


Maybe it’s kind of pointless of me to post this but another video has been released for Capcom’s RPG Last Ranker.  The only reason I say it’s pointless to post is because Capcom still hasn’t announced a North American or European release.  So far all we know the game could end up being a Japanese exclusive, something that would be a damn shame since it looks so promising.

More screens of Yakuza's PSP debut

In case you didn’t know, the somewhat underappreciated Yakuza series is heading to the PSP.  But with Yakuza’s loyal and dedicated fanbase, which is small in the West, most of you probably knew about it already.

PlayStation Network Store Update: 5/25/10 (North America)

PlayStation Network Store updates for the week of May 25th 2010.

PlayStation Network Store Update: 5/18/10

PlayStation Network Store updates for the week of 5/18/10

Downloadable Games:

  • Rocket Knight ($14.99)
  • The Price Is Right ($9.99)
  • "Sam & Max" Episode 2: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak (free with purchase of Episode 1 $14.99)
  • Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands PSP ($39.99)

PSone Classics:

  • Bomberman Fantasy Race ($5.99)

Game Demos:

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