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More action filled Yakuza PSP screens

To say that I have a soft spot for brutal violence is a bit of an understatement.  My enjoyment of seeing dudes get the crap kicked out of them is of course just limited to the world of video games, so I’m not one of those crazy people. Or at least that’s what I like to think.

PlayStation Network Store Updates: 7/20/10 [NA]

Playstation Network Store updates for the week of July 20 2010 for NA

QuarterSave with Special Guest Wyatt Donnelly (Fossett) EP44

This week’s show ends up coming in a bit late, though we still make the Monday release dead-line! Due to Corey being busy as hell this week, I had to scramble to find a replacement. Luckily a good friend of the show, and Shogun Editorialist extraordinaire stepped up to the plate (microphone) in order to try and fill Corey’s extremely large shoes (llllllladies. WINK) and did a rather good job of it!

PlayStation Network Store Updates: 7/13/10 [NA]

PlayStation Network Store updates for the week of July 13 2010. A very meager selection of goodies this week to sift through.

New Yakuza PSP video is filled with ass kicking

Maybe it’s just me, but the new Yakuza game for the PSP seems brutal as hell.  The previous Yakuza games for the PS2/PS3 featured a fair share of brutal violence but Yakuza’s PSP debut seems to be notching things up a bit.  With manga style cutscenes depicting brutal punches and the actual game combat featuring blood spewing, Black Leopard: A New Yakuza Chapter isn’t just a simple PSP port of the main Yakuza gimmicks.

QuarterSave: with Special Guest Star Mel Gibson EP43

This week ended up being bigger than we could have ever thought! With the weekend hosting EVO 2010 in Las Vegas, we decided to do something big here as well! That’s why this week’s episode had a special call -in from Mel Gibson to talk about the Trending Topic of this week: Console Colours.

We also have a new beer this week, and plenty of new stories to get through. So thanks for joining us once again, and enjoy!


Beer of the Week

-Innis and Gunn Canadian Cask

God of War: Ghost of Sparta First Look At Gameplay Video.

As Sony's God of War: Ghost of Sparta inches closer in making its second appearance on the PSP later this year, you now can whet your brutal head ripping fix by checking out the first gameplay footage below.

The video features Kratos wrecking his "I'm a very angry man" havoc on a ship off the coast of Atlantis and continues his bloody mayhem on shore (Atlantis itself perhaps) against some hapless creepy looking fools.

I'm taking a long shot here but perhaps the city of Atlantis mysteriously disappeared because Kratos gone and stomped it into oblivion?

Sony Vs iPad in the future? Sony announces development of new multi-media device.

It’s pretty clear that I’m a huge Sony fanboy, but I’m even a bit puzzled and slightly worried by the latest news concerning the Japanese electronics maker.

With the PSP being in a state of flux given the recently revealed Nintendo 3DS, many have been wondering when the true PSP successor or Sony’s next attempt at a multi-media entertainment device would be released. Right now, we’re still a bit in the dark but at least we have a clue as to what sort of device Sony is aiming for.

Disney Interactive announces Split/Second for the PSP

The PSP hasn’t exactly gotten a lot of love lately but not all the big 3rd party developers have completely ditched it in favor of the Nintendo DS/3DS.  Disney Interactive has announced today that their action centric racing game Split/Second will be released on Sony’s portable console later this year.

Simply titled Split/Second, the game will translate the insane Hollywood style action found in the PS3/360 versions directly to the PSP. So now you can have Michael Bay style action whenever you wish due to the portability of the PSP.

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