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Nikkei reveals some exciting new features for the PSP2

This week isn’t going to be average and slightly dull as is sometimes the case at the end of January as we’re finally going to receive some official details on the PSP2.  After staying mum on the subject for months, all while the rumor mills where churning thanks to a ton of leaks, Sony will be holding the aptly named PlayStation Meeting on January 27th in Japan.  So what will the PlayStation Meeting focus on?

Is this our first look at the next Kingdom Hearts game? [RUMOR]

One of the staples of the Kingdom Hearts series has been to give gamers a tease of the next entry in the form of a brief teaser trailer.  At the end of KH1 we got a short teaser depicting characters clad in black hoods while KH2 gave us the bonus vid depicting some armored clad warriors engaging in battle.  The subsequent Kingdom Hearts spin-off games have continued this bonus video tradition and today we have what could be our first tease of the next Kingdom Hearts game.

Shogun Gamer's Games of the Year 2010

With 2011 stretching out far ahead, and 2010 dwindling away in the rear-view mirror, it seemed a good time to get the crew together and hash out what our favourites of 2010 were. Taking a new approach, we picked out our categories, and then sat down on a 2+ hour phone call with the editors of the site to decide which games in 2010 deserved recognition. There was a lot of back and forth, a bit of drama, and plenty of arguments for our personal favorites.

Sony's Response to PSP2 reveal on January 27th

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While I was at the this year’s Sony Press Conference at CES I couldn't help but feel a little let down when the head of both the PlayStation and Sony Phone didn't confirm a PSPphone.

As we mentioned before, more rumors are coming from inside sources that the PSP2 will be announced on January 27th during one of Sony's largest press events of the year.

Anime fan geekgasm alert: Super Robot Wars Z 2 premier trailer

In case anime fans weren’t already depressed over the release of the anime mash-up that was ACE: R, Namco Bandai has just announced a new installment of the Super Robot Wars franchise. Much like ACE, Super Robot Wars combines a multitude of different mechs from a plethora of anime series ranging from Gundam, Macross and Eureka Seven and pits them in combat.

Check out two classic PlayStation games running on the Xperia Play

It’s a Monday so what’s a better way to start the week off than with another video showcasing the Xperia Play?  We definitely have a new video of Sony Ericsson’s forthcoming Android phone/gaming device, but once again it’s not an official one but instead comes from the same Chinese chaps who somehow have their hands on a retail version/advanced test unit of the device.

Square Enix and Sony team up for a beautiful Final Fantasy Dissidia themed PSP

If there one thing that Sony has done an excellent job of this gen it’s that they know when and how to give us really cool custom PSP and PlayStation 3 units.  Not all of us are going to go out and buy a 2nd PSP or PS3 merely because it has a cool art scheme on it (well I may do such a thing), but at least Sony is offering such a thing for the fans out there who wish to expand their collection.

What in the world is Final Fantasy Type-0?

Square Enix apparently has a new Final Fantasy spin-off game in the works based on a recent trademark and accompanying logo the company filed recently.  Uncovered by Siliconera, Square Enix has registered the name Final Fantasy Type-0 along with a rather stylish and untraditional Final Fantasy logo.  Square Enix filed the patent on December 29th and that of course means we have no firm info on it

An Assassin's Creed RTS game could be in the works [RUMOR]

We may be in full holiday mode right now, but much to my chagrin interesting news continues to pop up.  Today we have a somewhat deliciously silly piece of news concerning the future of the Assassin’s Creed franchise.  Ubisoft has gone on record by saying that they wish to make the AC franchise become a yearly thing akin to Madden or Call of Duty.  We also know that Assassin’s Creed 3 is definitely on the cards and so could another installment of the AC: Brotherhood series<

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