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Duke Nukem: Critical Mass Bellows Vintage

Deep Silver released today, the newest trailer for Duke Nukem: Critical Mass for Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.  The Earth Defense Force attempts to ensure the planet’s security have transported Duke into the future. However, just moments after Duke's departure, Proton, Duke’s original nemesis, launches a devastating attack on Earth.

As a disclaimer, this video may send you into a vintage vortex.

Konami Announces New Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Clothing Line

The reach of the Metal Gear Solid franchise has no boundaries as we’ve seen products for the franchise range from affordable action figures, high-end statues, limited edition clothing and even MGS branded food (which sadly was exclusive to Japan).  Once again the MGS franchise is reaching out to gamers who want to express their fandom of the series by wearing t-shirts and clothing that aren’t of a Hot Topic quality. Instead, if you want what appears to be high-end clothes based on MGS then you may want to check out what Konami has announced today.

The Disaster Report Franchise Is Officially A Thing Of The Past

A few weeks ago publisher/developer Irem revealed that they would be cancelling the release of Disaster Report 4 due to the cataclysmic events that occurred in Japan.  It seemed a bit odd that Irem would completely cancel Disaster Report 4 since the game was set for a Spring release in Japan and was presumably completed on the development side of things. But Irem has since gone one step further as they’re reportedly discontinuing the entire Disaster Report franchise.

The Rhythm Action Continues In Patapon 3

The war drum is beating once more as another Patapon game is hitting the PSP this year. It may seem a bit pointless to release another Patapon game for the PSP when the NGP is waiting in the wings, but we can just look at Patapon 3 as the perfect send-off for the PSP.  For gamers who didn’t play the first two Patapon games, which I think is quite a few of you out there, the Patapon series involves players rhythmically tapping the face buttons (Triangle, Circle, etc.) in order to move a series of cute little critters as they engage in battle.

NGP Could Be Bound For Europe This Year

For once gamers around the world may not get shafted as Sony could be launching the NGP (their successor to the PSP) worldwide this year.  When Sony unveiled the NGP in early February, the company didn’t commit to a firm release date aside from commenting that the device would begin to roll out this year.  So when exactly will the NGP begin to roll out?  Well our friends in the United Kingdom may be excited to hear that the NGP could come as early as November.

Is Media Molecule Developing The NGP Version Of LittleBigPlanet?

When it was revealed that LittleBigPlanet would be making its way onto the NGP (PSP2) it wasn’t really a shocking moment.  With how the LBP franchise has blossomed to become one of Sony’s key 1st party franchises it makes sense for another portable version of everyone’s favorite creation based game to be in the works.  Details about LittleBigPlanet for the NGP were of course as empty as a freshly opened My Moon level, but one key question that lingered was who would be developing the project.

Lego Pirates of Caribbean: The Video Game Trailer Debuts Along With First Screens

If you are like me then one of your favorite guilty pleasures in video gaming is enjoying the casual and fun gaming experience that Traveller's Tales Lego series has brought to your favorite console.

Set to sail this May, Traveller's Tales will bring Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game to a shore near you and today unveiled the debut trailer along with the first batch of screen shots for your viewing pleasure.

Square Enix Secures Some TV Talent For The 3rd Birthday (Parasite Eve 3)

I haven’t been able to closely follow The 3rd Birthday as much as I would like (that’s the life of a busy blogger for you) but I’m surprised there hasn’t been more talk about the game within the core gamer circles.  A sequel to the PS1 cult hit Parasite Eve, one would think that a new Square Enix action-RPG for the PSP would get a nice amount of interest but that doesn’t seem to be the case.  It almost seems like The 3rd Birthday has gotten more hype regarding how its protagonist Aya Brea can wear torn clothing as she receives more damage during combat.

NGP (PSP2) News Round-Up: Pricing, Battery Life and Videos Galore

It’s been a few hours but the video game industry and gamers alike are still buzzing over Sony’s reveal of the NGP i.e. the PSP2.  Everyone knew that Sony would show their PSP successor at some point, but I think we’re all still shocked because for once the pre-reveal hype and initial hardware rumors didn’t fall apart when the actual news came in. If anything, the NGP somewhat surpassed the initial expectations gamers had for Sony’s latest handheld unit.

PlayStation Meeting 2011: Sony Announces PlayStation Suite And PSP2!

Sony held their much hyped about PlayStation Meeting in Japan today/tonight and as expected the event had several surprises in store for us.  Once SCE President/CEO Kaz Hirai took the stage things went into the basic rundown of what Sony is trying to achieve as a company along with a few specific bullet point achievements that the PS3 has made so far.  Kaz then proceeded to go into announcement mode with the reveal of PlayStation Suite.  For the past four months we’ve seen the leaked tech specs, images and videos for the Xperia Play, the device that was once dubbed the PlaySt

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