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Drama and Cage Fighting Is Front and Center In This Premier Trailer For Yakuza: Black Panther 2

Right on the heels of Sega announcing the game, the premier trailer for Yakuza: Black Panther 2 has been bestowed upon gamers who like a bit of Japanese gangster action in their lives.  Coming somewhat unexpectedly to the PSP next year (where is my PS Vita love at?), Black Panther 2 will be a direct follow-up to the first Black Panther as Ukyo Tatsuya  is returning and the game still boasts the same graphic novel/manga approach for its narrative presentation.

The Yakuza Franchise Will Live On In Two Major New Projects

Sega and Toshihiro Nagoshi, the man I affectionately refer to as the Golden God of the gaming biz, took the stage in Japan a few hours ago to make a big announcement: we’re getting more Yakuza games.  Well to be honest I shouldn’t make a wide proclamation saying that gamers across the world are getting more Yakuza games as that sadly may not be the case.  But those lucky gamers in Japan will receive some additional chapters in the long running Yakuza series, known as Ryu Ga Gotoku in Japan, and if we’re l

Here's A Sony Patent That May Never See The Light Of Day

The wonderful engineers and designers at Sony Computer Entertainment are always thinking of new concepts for how consumers play and experience games.  Most of the time we’re lucky enough to get a glimpse of what Sony is thinking about when patents are eventually released or uncovered but most of the time these ideas never become reality.  Sometimes when a patent stays as a mere idea instead of becoming a physical product it can be for the best but I don’t know what to think about what SCE Europe was planning to do.

Sega Opens New UK Studio To Work On PS Vita Project

The PlayStation Vita may have had a major showing at E3 last week as the software was plentiful and looked exceptional.  This may have been the first time the PlayStation Vita was shown at a massive event and additional games were announced or shown, but surprisingly we didn’t see much on the 3rd party front.  It’s always common for major companies such as Sony or Nintendo to focus on their 1st party efforts when announcing a new piece of hardware but it was a bit odd that we didn’t receive a PlayStation Vita sizzle reel focusing exclusively on 3rd party efforts like Call of Duty

New Evangelion Game Is Being Developed By....

Just like its fellow mech based counterpart Gundam, the Evangelion franchise has received a lot of video games – most of which tend to be garbage.  Despite being in the hands of Japanese developers who probably have an astute understanding of the anime or are full blown fans, it just seems to be difficult to create a video game involving mechs that is fun.  Not a lot of Evangelion games have been released in Japan over the years compared to Gundam (Gundam is the Japanese equivalent of Star Wars in terms of popularity) but a new Evangelion game is being released later this year and

The Potential Blunder Moments Of E3 2011

Every year gamers look forward to one specific thing due to the near endless joy that it offers. No, I’m not referring to the ever so crowded but amazing Winter release schedule that this year will bring us games such as Uncharted 3 and Modern Warfare 3.  I’m instead referring to E3 and the near infinite amount of amazement it offers.

So About This New Syphon Filter Rumor...

At this point I may be a bit jaded about the entire pre-E3 hubbub that’s going on.  In the past the week before E3 has always been the craziest year in gaming since we get a lot of pre-show reveals and confirmations that’s intertwined with a lot of stuff that’s either almost believable or simply fake.    So far we haven’t gotten a lot of pre-E3 hogwash but today something has appeared which may strike a chord amongst core gamers and longtime PlayStation enthusiasts.

Sony Reveals The PSP Remaster Series (PSP Games For The PS3)

The PSP may have had a lot of hit games released during its life cycle, but gamers often wondered if we would ever see a popular PSP game re-released for the PS3.  Sony is of course familiar with porting popular PS2 games to the PS3 in HD versions like the Sly Collection and we even saw some PSP games such as Motorstorm: Arctic Edge pop up on the PS2.  The main theory people had behind Sony being selective in their HD offerings was that the company didn’t want to take away any business from the PSP and giv

MGS Collectors Ought To Take Note Of This New Kojima Tease

Being a gamer and an overall geek, I like to collect cool action figures or statues of popular video game characters I like.  Having laid down $260 on the Sideshow Collectibles Kratos statue, I find myself having to lessen my budget for somewhat superfluous things like picking up a Ratchet & Clank figure but I can only hope this tease of a Metal Gear Solid figure isn’t in the $100+ category.

Supposed Sony E3 2011 Details Come Forth But Are They Real Or Fake As Hell?

Leading up to the joyous event that is E3 there’s nothing better than enjoying some of the pre-E3 hype and rumors that come out.  Occasionally leading up to E3 we’re privy to finding out some unannounced details, some of which come from inside sources while others are accidentally revealed by the companies themselves (never forget the infamous PSPgo Qore incident of 2009). Usually we don’t get major E3 rumors as early as April, but a source has come forth that reportedly has the “inside” info on what Sony is prepping to unveil this year.

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