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QuarterSave Podcast - Episode 05 - E3 Wrap Up

Alright! E3 has finally come to conclusion and there have been a lot of goings on this week. With all these gaming stories to go on about, it seemed a good time for QuarterSave to have it’s first guest host on the show. Corey Rollins from joins us this week to talk about the E3 showing that we’ve all be watching carefully.

We discuss the big three’s conference showing, and games that caught our attention during the week.

From Chrome to Chrono

Last year players were introduced to the unique puzzle game “Echochrome” which had them navigate various M.C. Escher style puzzles by changing the angle at which the puzzle is viewed. Echochrome was well received by many who found its brain busting puzzles and unique presentation to be a welcomed addition to the puzzle genre and the PlayStation Network. The series is now continuing with a sequel of sorts in the upcoming Echochrono for the PlayStation Portable.

Mini Ninja Gameplay Video

We covered the developer forum launch of this game a few months back. In the beginning it looked like a great little pick up and go game. With the latest game play video, released by Joystiq yesterday. The game is looking like a whole lot more than just your average weekend rental. With tactics, side missions, and the ability to possess animals of the forest.

A new Dante's Inferno trailer (too bad it's CG)

Last night on the Gametrailers TV E3 special a brand new trailer for EA’s upcoming God of War clone Dante’s Inferno was shown. Since premiering on the Spike Video Game Awards last year the game has been somewhat light on the media front and what has been shown to the public has left many with a lukewarm reaction thus far.

The latest Kojima teaser continues to get people excited

The madness around the mysterious Kojima project countdown is continuing with the previous countdown being merely a countdown for another countdown. Rapid internet fanboys are ablaze with the latest update to the site being either a 5 or an S and off course the popular and somewhat blind decision among many is that it’s a 5 and that means “OMG MGS5 is coming soon!” It’s also a bit presumptuous to assume the S could also stand for Solid Snake as it could also be for this:

Hideo Kojima is up to his old tricks again

Over the years we’ve come to know Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima as somewhat of a trickster who has no problem playing tricks or practical jokes on his audience. As you may have read by now on reputable and not so reputable gaming sites it seems like Mr. Kojima is up to his usual tricks again. This time it’s in the form of a mysterious magazine ad and a blank page on the Kojima Productions website.

Star Wars Battlefront 3 won't be appearing on PS3/360

Late last year it was announced that the long rumored Star Wars Battlefront 3 that was being developed by Free Radical was being cancelled by LucasArts for unknown reasons. Later it was believed that developer Rebellion, who was responsible for the last PSP installment of Battlefront, would be taking over development duties but it wasn’t clear if they were be picking up from where Free Radical left off or starting from scratch.

More robot action in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

The first Transformers film consisted of explosions, lame jokes, poor characterizations of the Transformers, hot Megan Fox scenes, poor directing and a lame story. Based on the recent trailers the sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, seems to be offering the same. That similiarity continues with the upcoming game adaptation as well.

The Evolution of Piracy: Here today, but gone tomorrow because the beta leaked yesterday.

The first time I realized how bad piracy was, was when I was a tester for Electronic Arts. The game I was working on promised to be quite good,  so I asked a friend if he wanted it for Christmas. While I was still working on it he replied. " No, man, its ok, I already have it". I thought: how the hell can you have it if I’m still testing the beta version? 

Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny premiere trailer

Besides announcing Tekken 6 for the PSP last week Namco Bandai also announced Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny. This first iteration of the Soul Calibur franchise on the PSP is essentially a port of Soul Calibur IV with a few additional features. 

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