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The Dead or Alive series is back but.....

After a brief absence the Dead or Alive franchise is coming back but there are two downsides: it’s on the PSP and it’s called Dead or Alive Paradise.

As the name may imply Dead or Alive Paradise isn’t another fighting game but is instead a mini-game collection featuring buxom beauties like Kasumi jumping around in their bikinis, playing poker or posing for you while you take creepy photos. DOA Paradise is basically a spiritual successor to Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball which was essentially a masturbation game for hentai loving otakus.

The PSPgo may finally be getting a UMD drive

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It’s well documented that most gamers don’t like the PSPgo that much. Despite the small size and slick design the high price and lack of additional features have left many with ill feelings about the handheld.  It also doesn’t help the PSPgo that it lacks a UMD drive which renders mass collections completely useless.  After a tepid few months the PSPgo may be given a breath of life via peripheral maker Logitech.

Fist of the North Star and MGS: Peace Walker join the crowded early 2010 release window

At this point I’m starting to wonder if Q1 is the new holiday season when it comes to game releases. While we did have a nice amount of games drop so far such as Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin’s Creed 2 it seems that the majority of the big games many are looking forward to are coming out between January and March.  What once was typically a quiet release window is now jam packed with debuts of new franchises such as Bayonetta and Darksiders and existing heavy hitting franchises like God of War 3 and Final Fantasy XIII.

Ubisoft announces Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (aka the movie tie-in game)

The upcoming Prince of Persia film starring the dreamy Jake Gyllenhaal wouldn’t be complete without some sort of movie tie-in game and it looks like we’re getting one straight aside from the rumored and extremely silly Lego Prince of Persia game.

Here's our first trailer for the SCEJ game 100

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Yesterday we saw the first images for the new SCEJ PSP game 100 and now we have a trailer for the game which gives us a good look at what we can expect from this unique title.

First look at the mysterious SCEJ game 100

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Last week we got a tease of a new project from SCEJ called 100. Other than a simple teaser site that had a background animation of people parachuting out of a ship there weren’t any real details on the project aside from murmurs that the team behind The Last Guy was developing the game.

Premier trailer for Last Ranker

Last week Capcom announced their new RPG game Last Ranker which is backed up by some heavyweight talent.  Besides having a dev team that has worked on games like Kingdom Hearts and Devil May Cry the game seems like it could be pretty solid based on the combat system that combines turn based actions with player controlled combat moves.

Capcom announces The Last Ranker for the PSP

Capcom is ready to branch out a bit on the PSP and release games that don’t have “Monster Hunter” or “Resident Evil” in the title as they have announced a new game called “The Last Ranker” which at first may come across as a standard RPG but the talent involved with the project will surely elevate it above the norm.

A new Gundam game that could actually be good

Last week Japanese game magazine GameWave reported the PS3 would be getting a new Gundam game in the form of Gundam vs. Gundam Next.  I guess a few wires must’ve been crossed in translation or GameWave was just screwing with folks as it has been confirmed via Famitsu PSP that Gundam vs. Gundam Next will be coming to the PSP and not the PlayStation 3.

Big Smile Reviews: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Review

The widely successful game Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has been generating quite a buzz across the globe. Originally a smash hit in Japan, the game has now been released in North America and the UK. Earlier this month we followed Diifii to the London Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Gaming Centre which was built to generate pre-release buzz and help players connect with each other.

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