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Square Enix Goes All Out With Special Kingdom Hearts Anniversary/KH3D Presentation


Knowing that the Kingdom Hearts franchise is now ten years old makes me feel incredibly old and just want to just go into old man mode based on what kids are playing these days. Having played Kingdom Hearts when it first came out it’s nice to see the franchise still maintain a nice level of popularity ten years later, even if the story requires a massive chart to be laid out in an attempt to make one element make sense.

Ready at Dawn (God of War PSP Developer) Reveals Future Plans

There may or may not be a God of War game on the PlayStation Vita but one thing that is for sure is that developer Ready at Dawn won’t be at the helm.  The studio responsible for the PSP entries in the God of War series has revealed that they will be skipping the God of War series for something much better: a game on an unannounced next-gen platform. I think it’s time to cue the next-gen PlayStation launch game alarm since RAD is rather chummy with Sony.

TL;DR - Feb 27 - Hawken, I Am Alive, PSN Gamers' Choice

Today in TL;DR I’m going to hit up a couple more stories that happened to catch my eye throughout the day. First up: Hawken has managed to get 10 million dollars for their multiplayer mech game. Second, the team behind I Am Alive provides a video diary showing a bit about how every decision you make matters. Finally, the PSN Gamers’ Choice Award Nominations are out!

Sony Shifts UK Studios Once More, Shutters PSP/Vita Studio

Sony has once again decided to trim its existing UK based studios which has sadly resulted in one closure.  After downsizing the staff at Studio Cambridge, Team Soho, and Sony Liverpool, Sony has opted to close BigBig Studios along with downsizing and changing the focus of Studio Cambridge once more.

Kaz Hirai Set To Assume Top Position At Sony

Changes are abound in the Sony hierarchy as former SCE head Kaz Hirai is now poised to assume the top position within the company and become the President of the Sony Corporation.  After heading up the PlayStation branch of Sony’s media empire Kaz went on to become the head of Sony consumer products as well as becoming the deputy president for the company. But now after diligently serving the Sony empire and showing he’s a keen businessman, Kaz will succeed Sir Howard Stringer as the acting president of Sony.

Tester Season 3 Cast Revealed, Let the LOLS Begin

It’s time once more for gamers to witness the always entertaining trainwreck that is reality TV with a video game theme.  Yes, Sony’s free PlayStation Network show The Tester is returning once again for a third season and the final cast for the show has been announced.  Far from being a massive flop or something that further instills certain stereotypes about gamers, The Tester has always been good for two things: easy chuckles and the perfect place to get screencaps of host Meredith Molinari.

Activision Announces They're Doing A Men In Black Video Game

I don’t know who asked for either of these things, but Activision has announced that they’re prepping a video game based on Men in Black to coincide with the release of Men in Black 3, which of course is in 3D.  The third entry in the Men in Black series comes almost entirely unwanted by film goers who were less than thrilled with the second entry which simply told the same jokes and lacked any semblance of real character.

Sony Looking Into Possible Avenues To Support UMD Titles On PlayStation Vita

With the PlayStation Vita serving as an integral part of Sony’s electronics division the company is hard at work to find a solution for the ever growing UMD issue.  Ever since the PlayStation Vita was announced the millions of PSP owners across the world have wondered if they would be able to play their legacy UMD games on Sony’s new portable, despite the obvious lack of a UMD drive.

Some Exclusive Xbox 360 Items Are Dished Out In The MGS HD Collection

Metal Gear Solid and Microsoft have never had an extremely good relationship compared to the relationship Sony has with Konami/Kojima Productions but that may be slowly changing. Aside from Konami warming up to Microsoft slowly through things such as debuting titles such as MGS: Rising at Microsoft events, Kojima Productions is finally giving Xbox 360 gamers some exclusive MGS goodness.  The only catch being is that said goodness comes in the form of Xbox 360 Avatar items.

Resident Evil Infects the PlayStation Store in September.

Sony released their upcoming PlayStation Plus content for September today and from the looks of it, they will be going all out this month to celebrate Capcom's 15th anniversary of the first release of the king of all survival horror games.Resident Evil.

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