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Previews & Impressions

TERA Hands-on and Interview [PAX Prime 2011]

During our trip down to PAX we were invited out to En Masse’s studio for a look at the upcoming TERA. You might remember that our team previously checked out TERA at EAST, had some pretty kindly things about the game when he saw it back at PAX East… so with the opportunity to check it out ourselves presented, we made a point to swing by their offices and check things out.

Starhawk Hands-On [PAX Prime 2011]

It’s been hyped up for the last two weeks but this past weekend I finally had the honor of playing the latest addition to Starhawk: the first level set in space.  Gamers obviously expect some space goodness to be present in Starhawk given its sci-fi setting which includes fast transforming flying vehicles of death and it’s called Starhawk.  Sony and LightBox Interactive have been nice enough to show us what to expect from the space level featured in Starhawk but actually experiencing something firsthand is entirely different than seeing a mere video.

SSX Hands-On [PAX Prime 2011]

The whole drama concerning EA’s SSX revival has been well documented on Shogun Gamer in the past.  It’s not too uncommon for some games to be thrown through the ringer due to common gamer fear and misconception but SSX was a game that was almost completely ostrichided from the get-go, somewhat for legitimate reasons.  I myself haven’t been the biggest cheerleader for SSX since it was first shown last December, but during the last few months my view has changed and now I’m officially ready to bow before EA Canada since SSX could end up being everything we want it to be.

Need for Speed: The Run Hands-On [PAX Prime 2011]

Besides being able to play games months ahead of release at events like E3 and PAX, there is something else cool about playing early demos of games – you can see them evolve.  To the general public most games are never seen in their early form outside of maybe one or two early trailers which obviously show the game in a state where it’s only been in development for a couple of months as opposed to two or three years.  Sometimes seeing a game a mere two months later at an event can be a complete night and day experience since things will either be refined and touched up or somehow

Antec Cases and the Rockus Sound System [PAX East 2011]

I have been mulling over quite a few computer build-plans as of late. A test server to work on some of my Microsoft certifications. I'd like to build a computer to setup with my home entertainment system and well, it's getting to be about time to build that new gaming rig.

Bastion Preview [PAX East 2011]

When Bastion was first announced at last year's PAX Prime in September my first thought was "ok it sounds and looks pretty cool." A narrator who isn't exactly scripted, but instead tells the story on how you are playing the game is a pretty cool concept along with a world that isn't already made but is created each time you take a step; which could actually affect the outcome of the narrator again.  The main goal and plot of the game is that your entire village has come under some sort of haunting trouble and you have to get to the Bastion where the village was told to meet when danger

Duke Nukem Preview [PAX East 2011]

Duke Nukem, let's be honest here, he is the bad-ass of video games. Duke doesn't go shark fishing with a fishing pole; he does it with his bare-freaking-hands. Duke doesn't need a spaceship to save the galaxy from some giant, life-force eating apocalypse; he'll just wait for them to get to where he is and punch their general in the face.

With that said, is 2K games doing the forbidden game from our childhood past justice? Well the answer to that question is: both yes and no.

Battlefield 3 Impressions [Pax East 2011]

DICE is here at PAX to show off Battlefield 3, and I must say, I am seriously impressed. A demo was shown for the people in the room, starting off at a point seen at GDC, in a vehicle. What was shown here however was a good 30 minutes of gameplay, showing off not just the single player campaign but also the Frostbite 2 engine; used exclusively for this game.

The Darkness 2 Hands-on Demo Impressions [Pax East 2011]

2K Games was excited to show off the demo for The Darkness 2, and I completely understand why. The original game was good, though had some things to be improved upon. It seems that 2K was paying attention to these complaints, and is making a better game because of it.

Rage Demo Impressions [PAX East 2011]

Earlier today I got a chance to watch a solid 45 minutes of gameplay for RAGE. RAGE is the upcoming game from id Software, known for making such important FPS games like: Doom, Wolfenstein, and Quake. They clearly have experience in making these types of games, and the quality of it really shows in RAGE. The demo started off in a wasteland, with the developers showing off the game world and the graphics. A small town was shown where we get a real look at the character models. The graphics are stunning already, but seeing how the NPCs look really impressed me.

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