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Previews & Impressions

Lost Planet 3 Hands-On [E3 2012]

Of the many games out there that could receive the sequel treatment I think the fact that the Lost Planet series was set to continue with Lost Planet 3 surprised a lot of folks.  There’s no denying that the first Lost Planet game was good, but Lost Planet 2 was just kind of there and the lackluster sales almost signified that the interest people had in the series was beginning to decline.  But alas, Capcom opted to continue the Lost Planet series with a third entry and after playing the demo of Lost Planet 3 at E3 I’m kind of happy they did such a thing.

E3 Hands on with Mad Catz World War II Arcade Flight Game Damage Inc.

Known world wide for their high-end video game accessories, Mad Catz is publishing their first videogame, but is it any good?

Titled Damage Inc: Pacific Squadron WWII, the game will have players step into the cockpit of a variety of World War II era fighter planes while offering a complete campaign mode, along with a variety of multiplayer options, including co-op.

Dishonored E3 Impressions: One of the best games at E3.

One of the games I was personally excited to check out was Dishonored, a brand new IP that is currently under development at Arkane Studios.

In the game you’ll assume the first person role of Corvo Atano, a bodyguard who is seeking revenge against Lord Regent who framed him for the Assassination of the Empress he was sworn to protect.

Along with a slew of Victorian steam punk style weapons, Corvo also possesses great supernatural powers and gadgets... a crap load of them.

Elder Scrolls Online: Impressions & Zombie Werewolf Generals.

The world of MMOs is tricky a market. With each release unavoidably being compared to the juggernaut that is World of War Craft, it’s tough to stand out.

Time and time again we see large name subscription-based games turning into free to play formats in a struggle to build their community and grow. With all of this to consider, I accepted a press invitation to check out the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online. I figured if anyone had a shot at launching a successful new MMO in this day and age, the team of Bethesda Zenimax Online would be one of the best gambles a gamer could make.

Nintendo’s Disappointing E3 2012 Press Briefing

Nintendo has been a confusing mistress these past few months. Having grown up fiercely loyal to Nintendo through NES, SNES and N64 consoles, I have a nostalgic soft spot for Mario and the gang. This year, everyone knew Wii U would be a hot topic at E3 2012. Few things in gaming can generate buzz like console launch news, so all eyes were on Nintendo.  Did they steal the show? Nope.

Ubisoft E3 2012 Confrence Recap & Impressions

After experiencing the awkward 2011 E3 showing from Ubisoft (the one where they announced they invented laser tag), I wasn’t really sure what to expect from them this year. What Ubisoft ended up delivering was a streamlined presentation that catered directly to its core E3 audience.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Limited Edition Unboxing Video & Contest

Released in late May, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is the latest title in the Tom Clancy series. While we did receive a review unit from the publisher for this game, we recently had a Limited Edition PS3 version show up on our doorstep. So, we're giving it away!

Girl Fight Hands-On [GDC 2012]

Sometimes it’s hard for gamers to take a game seriously if it looks a certain way or is being handled by a particular developer. It’s never proper to judge a book by its cover instead of getting some hands-on time with it, but sometimes a mere image or description of a game can say it all which will lead to gamers casting it aside like a bad piece of food.

Datura Preview + Interview [GDC 2012]

Seeing the way video games evolve always interests me as there are at least half a dozen factors developers can approach when devising a game.  Should the emotional route be taken or should a different gameplay formula be implemented that however unorthodox it may be is ultimately something that will not only service the premise of the game but provide a fresh experience to gamers?

Starhawk Co-Op Mode Hands-On [GDC 2012]

Sometimes I may lament about how modern multiplayer gaming is sometimes going in circles with games that are focused too much on the wrong elements, but I would be a hypocrite to say that I don’t enjoy playing multiplayer games here and there. While I’ll admit that I’m a bit picky about what I play, I really can’t help but feel satisfied upon being a would be Tier 1 soldier or playing general to my fellow teammates as I lead them on a quest to glory.

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