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New Blur Trailer Hits The Road

If you have a Xbox 360 console then you are one of the lucky ones to be getting an early first hand taste of Blur awesomeness.

Blur is the upcoming street style car racer from Bizarre Creations and Activision Blizzard that promises to deliver hours of sweet street speedway mayhem.

The latest trailer below details various race locations, track environments, car types and  modifications straight from some of the game's developers.


See Ubisoft's Uplay in Action

Splinter Cell: Conviction is the latest title from Ubisoft that utilizes the new in-game reward network called "Uplay"

Introduced with the release of Assassin's Creed 2, Uplay allow gamers to trade in accumulated Units for rewards that were acquired from performing various Actions while playing the game.

Rewards that can be obtained includes new skins, console themes, weapons and unlocking new game modes.

Check Out Two New Trailers For Alpha Protocol.

Check out two new trailers for Obsidian’s Alpha Protocol: The Espionage Role Playing Game.

First trailer introduces one of the characters you will meet in Alpha Protocol.

SouthPeak Games/Deep Silver announces "nail'd", a new off-road racer [Screens/Trailer]

We’re never in short supply of racing games and today yet another one was announced.  At this point it’s a bit futile to even release a racing game in this market since the standards are so high thanks to games like Gran Turismo and Burnout.  But the newly announced arcade racer “nail’d” from Deep Silver/SouthPeak Games could have a shot at becoming the next big thing.

New Silent Hill Game a First Person Shooter?

There is much speculation brewing that Konami may be making a change on how we experience the next Silent Hill Game.

Not too long ago Konami announced that Czech developer Vatra will develop the latest installment in the popular Silent Hill franchise for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Taking the ball and running with it, Vatra seems ready to dramatically change the direction of the series.

Ubisoft Ditches Manuals To Save Trees

Ah, the memories of ripping open a brand new game and flipping through the game manual. It is a feeling that many gamers can relate to. It’s especially true for manuals for role playing games, which always seem to have the thickest manuals of all. 

No, I don't have better things to reminisce about...

Two villains for Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 are leaked

When Batman: Arkham Asylum was announced, or rather teased, back in December one question immediate sprung in everyone’s mind.  The big question was “Which adversaries from Batman’s prolific Rogues Gallery would appear in the sequel?”  The first game had a decent roster but to some it was a bit tiny, especially given the scope of the game.  Besides a few enemies being hinted at in the teaser trailer, we now have some confirmations on some villains thanks to actors not shutting their yaps.

The Daleks are back in Doctor Who: The Adventure Games [Video]

Over the years the one constant adversary of Doctor Who has been the iconic Daleks. Things like having their home world destroyed and then getting obliterated after two major resurrections aren’t big deals for the Daleks. Somehow just like all things in life the Daleks find a way to survive.

TOROcast - Episodes 49 - The Dennis Show

It’s Sunday night and that means that the guys over at TOROcast have a new podcast ready to go. Whether it be for your Monday morning or Sunday night, if you’re a night owl like me, TOROcast has your back! This is the first episode into their new year. So you can expect the guys to come in one year older, and one year wiser! Here’s the episode wrap up straight from the guys themselves:

Free Splinter Cell: Conviction DLC Through Ubisoft and Uplay

Ubisoft announced today that they will be releasing free weekly DLC. Updates start this Thursday, April 15th, for Splinter Cell: Conviction.  Each week Ubisoft plans to release a different DLC pack for gamers to pick up.  Included will be offerings such as: new weapons, character skins, skills, and maps for Deniable Ops Mutliplayer.

First up this week will be the MP7A1 Machine Pistol. There has been no word from Ubisoft on how many weeks this free give away will last though. It also isn’t clear if there are plans for Ubisoft to start offering paid DLC as well.

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