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Free Splinter Cell: Conviction DLC Through Ubisoft and Uplay

Ubisoft announced today that they will be releasing free weekly DLC. Updates start this Thursday, April 15th, for Splinter Cell: Conviction.  Each week Ubisoft plans to release a different DLC pack for gamers to pick up.  Included will be offerings such as: new weapons, character skins, skills, and maps for Deniable Ops Mutliplayer.

First up this week will be the MP7A1 Machine Pistol. There has been no word from Ubisoft on how many weeks this free give away will last though. It also isn’t clear if there are plans for Ubisoft to start offering paid DLC as well.

2K announces XCOM revival

It’s kind of past my bedtime and all I want to do is go to bed. But alas out of nowhere 2K Games had to announce a revival of XCOM for the Xbox 360 and PC and now I'm busy.  Labeled a “re-imagining” of the cult franchise, the XCOM revival is of course an fps game. What else would it be given how things are this generation?

Splinter Cell: Conviction Readies Its Launch This Week

In preparation for the highly anticipated Splinter Cell: Conviction game, set to release April 13th in the U.S. and April 16th in the UK, Ubisoft released their final promotional trailer today. The new story takes place two years after the events of Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Players will find themselves assuming the roll of Sam Fisher, a Third Echelon operative, who goes rogue to find out the truth behind his daughter's death.

TOROcast - Episode 48 - Happy Birthday TOROcast!

ShogunGamer would like to congratulate the guys over at TOROcast on their 1 year anniversary! That’s right, Samm Money and Eric Musco have been doin’ their thang for over 365 days now. Be sure to join the guys this week as they play catch up with three weeks’ worth of news, while celebrating their first year in business. Now for the guys’ official word:

Extended Crysis 2 trailer features beautiful visuals and alien mayhem

On early Wednesday a brief teaser trailer for Crysis 2 was released. Doing what teaser trailers are meant to do, this quick look at Crysis 2 left us yearning for more.  Well like clockwork a full length Crysis 2 trailer has been released and once again it’s a “holy sh!t” moment.

Starting off a bit slow, but still beautiful to look at, this extended trailer eventually gives us what we want: aliens tearing stuff up.  The alien mayhem is kept to a minimum but still looked amazing especially since that was only a standard encounter of sorts.

F.E.A.R. 3 gets a live action trailer

I kind of miss the good old days when game announcements would come with a nice Press Release and a trailer. These days’ most game announcements are made in installments, often with certain sites getting “exclusive” screens or trailers.  That tactic is understandable since it builds the hype for a project. More importantly it means that fools such as me will cover these updates thus fulfilling my role of being a cog in a massive PR machine.

F.E.A.R. 3 officially announced

A few weeks ago we got an early look at the next installment of the fps horror franchise F.E.A.R.  Aside from concept art that looked like it was box art for a Sega Saturn game, there wasn’t much to go on. Oh, I totally forgot that the name for the project was F.3.A.R., which was quickly lambasted across the internet for being a bit silly.

BBC announces Doctor Who: The Adventure Games

The famous British sci-fi show Doctor Who is finally making its video game debut with Doctor Who: The Adventure Games. The project doesn’t exactly have the best subtitle, but it's Doctor Who so it’s bound to be awesome right?

New Crysis 2 teaser trailer shown in New York

I haven’t been following Crysis 2 too closely, despite my interest in the project. But maybe I should keep a closer eye on things since Crytek and EA are slowly releasing new videos for the project. Announced via their Twitter page yesterday, a new maybe pre-rendered trailer (it’s honestly hard to tell with since Crytek are graphics gods) was shown in New York City’s famous Times Square.

New Blacklight: Tango Down screens and details

Last month Ignition Entertainment announced Blacklight: Tango Down, a new fps game.  I know that at this stage in the game we’re probably getting a bit tired of the countless fps games being released. And if it’s not our boredom of the genre then it’s the quick dismal of games that don’t have Modern Warfare, Battlefield or Halo in the title.

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