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Hentai Cat Girl Alliance Review / Impressions

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NSFW WARNING: This story contains a photo gallery at the bottom that (while censored) is likely NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

New screens of IllFonic's fps game Nexuiz

When they’re not getting arrested by accident the good folks over at IllFonic are hard at work on Nexuiz, a new fps game.  Based on the PC open-source game originally developed by AlienTrap, Nexuiz aims to bring a simple yet action packed fps experience to console gamers. The game itself almost harkens back to the good old days of Quake as it’s essentially a no-frills arena fps game.

Bethesda announces the co-op fantasy game Hunted: The Demon's Forge

If the fantasy action of Dragon Age left you yearning for more, look no further than Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. Developed by inXile Entertainment, Hunted is a 3rd person co-op action game set to a dark fantasy backdrop. Like most other fantasy games, the plot of Hunted revolves around mysterious creatures arising from the ground to cause mayhem.

Premier trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Late last night some screens leaked for the Deus Ex 3 trailer, and like clockwork the trailer was released shortly after.  The trailer itself is rather short and is literally the images we already saw, but now we can appreciate things more thanks to the high-end quality of the pre-rendered visuals.

Leaked images of Deus Ex 3

Back in the day there was this PC game called Deus Ex and it was a pretty big deal. Combining fps gaming with a deep narrative driven experience that was more akin to a RPG than a game like Doom, Deus Ex was a monumental hit.  Then Deus Ex got a sequel in the form of Deus Ex: Invisible War and for the best everyone decided to wipe the existence of the game from their minds.

Off-screen footage of Crysis 2, i.e. a somewhat fuzzy tech demo vid

When Crysis was released on the PC it was an absolute powerhouse that required the most high end graphics cards and set-ups in order to play.  Now it’s time for the inevitable sequel and developer Crytek is aiming to achieve the same level of quality that was found on the PC but this time have it be possible on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

OnLive Launches June 17th, $14.95 Monthly

It seems like OnLive, the cloud processing based “super console”, is full steam ahead. Just today we’ve gotten word that the system will be up and running in all 48 contiguous United States. The on switch gets flipped on June 17th, during E3.

Get Some! Arc Projection That Is...

Looks like BioWare’s lust for the Cerberus Network knows no bounds. Not content to wait around for the release date of Firewalker to add some new content to your Mass Effect 2 game, BioWare launched a smaller update today that provides the addition of another Heavy Weapon titled: the “Arc Projector”. What does it do? Well BioWare is glad that you asked, from the quote on the website itself:

Get A Load Of The Hammerhead With New Firewalker Footage

A little while ago I made mention of the fact that Mass Effect 2 will be getting itself some new planetary transport along with the added levels launching in the Firewalker DLC. Not a whole lot of people are getting as pumped about the return of planetary traversal as I would have hoped. But maybe that was because of a lack of moving pictures to showcase just how bad-ass the Hammerhead is. I can understand that.

If you like dinosaurs then check out Primal Carnage

Amidst all the fps games out there spanning different time periods it’s a bit odd that we haven’t seen more games featuring dinosaurs. Aside from the Turok reboot and last year’s B-movie style awesome Jurassic: The Hunted there simply hasn’t been enough games that allow us to relive our Jurassic Park fantasies.

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