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[Video] Mafia 2 lets you live all your gangster fantasies

It’s been too long since we’ve seen anything from 2K’s upcoming Mafia 2. The extended gameplay footage that leaked last year was nice but it was just too much of a tease of the amazing things to come which as of late keep getting delayed.

Ubisoft enters the world of football (i.e. soccer) with Pure Football

In January a rumor surfaced that Ubisoft would be taking a serious stab at the sports genre with the release of a pro soccer game.  This new of course struck an interesting chord amongst soccer fans such as me as many wondered how Ubisoft would take on the popular FIFA and Pro Evolution franchis

See the harsh prison locales of Prison Break: The Conspiracy in these new screens

More screenshots of Prison Break: The Conspiracy have been released and to be completely honest I’m still hyped for the game. Yeah I know the game won’t be anything too stellar but I continue to be impressed with the quality of the visuals and how faithful everything seems to be. That coupled with my longtime desire to play a game set in a prison (maybe I watched too much Oz) has me hoping that Prison Break: The Conspiracy will be a solid game that doesn’t make any qualms about what it’s trying to be.

Square Enix Europe announces the new Lara Croft adventure

Earlier this week some rumblings began that Square Enix Europe (the artist formerly known as Eidos) would be showing the upcoming Lara Croft game at GDC next week.  At first this news was more of a “we’ll see” type thing but quickly grew to become something substantial as more people continued to tip-toe around the subject. Now the cat is officially out of the bag as SE Europe today announced Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.

Atari announces Test Drive Unlimited 2

It took awhile to happen but today Atari and Eden Games have announced Test Drive Unlimited 2, the obvious follow-up to 2006’s unique driving experience.  Once again players will have a massive open-world to race along all while they take on online races in the games persistent world.

Ignition Entertainment announces Blacklight: Tango Down, a new fps for PSN/XBLA

The PSN and XBLA already have a nice roster of content but it seems to be lacking a bit in its fps offerings. Sure, we get enough fps games via disc based releases but it would be nice to get some bite sized adventures via the downloadable front.  Well today it looks like those who have wanted that are getting their wish as Ignition Entertainment and Zombie Studios have announced Blacklight: Tango Down, a new fps game exclusively for the PSN, XBLA and PC.

QuarterSave: Choose Your Own Adventure Gaming EP25

Welcome one and all to the return of QuarterSave! Now that the Olympics have finished up, it’s back to business as usual (or close to it anyways). The podcast has undergone a bit of a shift and features the hosting talents of one Mr Corey Rollins of ShogunGamer fame, affectionately referred to as BP*. The format has shifted a little bit as well as you’ll notice by the show notes provided for you below. What we’re aiming to do is get a bit of a discussion going on some hot topics that we notice from week to week in the gaming culture.

Braid's Johnathan Blow Shows off Concept Art for The Witness

Way back in August of 2008 game developer Jonathan Blow brought one of the most interesting and intelligent games to the Xbox Live Marketplace: Braid. It went on to become a media darling garnering plenty of praise from gamers, critics, and others in the video game industry while winning numerous awards. Even since we’ve been wondering what would be next up from the Indie Gamer’s wonder-kid.

Bethesda Denies Brink Release Date

Earlier in the week I got a bit excited about the announcement of a joint contest between Bethesda and GameStop promoting the upcoming release of Brink for PS3/360/PC. Unfortunately Bethesda has since then stepped up to deny that September 7th is going to be the final launch date. Instead they provided clarification that they are launching in “Fall of 2010.”

Brink Gets Release Date and Sweepstakes

It looks as though Gamestop is once more the place to find out about release dates before a publisher bothers to announce it. Bethesda and Gamestop have teamed up to put forward a sweepstakes for the upcoming FPS “Brink.” According to the contest details (confirmed on the game page) the game will be releasing on September 7th 2010.

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