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Dead Rising 2 Delayed

Bad news everyone! It seems that Capcom requires another month to complete the second chapter in the Dead Rising franchise. Earlier today it was announced that the game will now be releasing on September 28th instead of the previously announced August 31st.

New Crysis 2 trailer tears apart New York City

I don’t know what it is about New York that warrants it to be destroyed in so many films and video games. Aside from some testy traffic and the fact that you’re always a mere 4 feet away from a rat (real fact btw) the city of New York is a terrific place. But for some reason when it comes to figuring out where to set an apocalyptic event New York is always the #1 choice.

TRON Legacy merchandise revealed

Last week I was lucky enough to get some hands-on time with the upcoming TRON video games TRON: Evolution and Tron: Evolution – Battle Grids.  As a hardcore TRON fan it was definitely an E3 highlight to get a glimpse at TRON’s video game debut on the current video game systems.  Now Disney has revealed the rest of their plans for TRON as they have unveiled some of the core merchandise for TRON Legacy.

EA Games Spotlight [E3 2010]

Along with everything happening at E3 this year, the conferences displayed by the major developers and publishers are always my favorite part. During these press briefings you are always in for a good portion of exclusive reveals and content. The EA press brief on day one was definitely epic in all sense of the word. Here is a spotlight of all the great things Electronic Arts had for the show.

TOROcast - Episode 57 and 58 - The E3 Bookends

I’ve got a good news/bad news scenario for you TOROcast fans. The bad news is that in the lead up to E3 and the fact that we were en-route to LA last Sunday, the previous ep of TOROcast was missed! The good news is that you get a double-dose of TOROcast this week! So, take the good with the bad, and there you have… TWO NEW TOROCAST EPS! Enjoy!

DC Universe Online Preview [E3 2010]

I was fortunate enough to check out DC Universe Online on the PS3 here at E3 and it certainly looks to be shaping up into an interesting MMORPG.  DCUO has a number of game design elements that one generally wouldn’t find in the average MMORPG. What’s emphasized upfront is that this game is catering to your experience.

Great Scott! New Back to the Future game in the works!

The news that a Jurassic Park game is in the works is exciting but you know what trumps that? A brand new Back to the Future game for this generation of consoles.  Telltale Games is giving us a double whammy of potential movie game goodness as they’ve announced the Jurassic Park game along with Back to the Future.

Nerdgasm alert: new Jurassic Park game coming soon

There’s sadly been a lack of dinosaur video games for the past few years but that’s going to change in a big way.  According to the latest issue of Game Informer, developer Telltale Games is working on an episodic Jurassic Park game. I think that news is worthy of a gorilla and shark exploding high-five.

TOROcast - Episode 56 - Everything, but the Sith Warrior

It’s Monday, and I know pretty much everyone is feeling all bleh about the start of another week. There is however a bit of good news. Firstly, we’re a mere week away from the greatest video game industry convention around, E3! Secondly, the guys over at TOROcast have thrown together another amazing episode for you to enjoy through your daily grind.

As per always, I’ll let the mic-master Samm describe his show in his way:

THQ reveals Red Faction: Armageddon

Gamers who want to blow stuff up on Mars won’t have to wait too long as THQ has announced Red Faction: Armageddon.  Revealed last week on GameTrailers TV RF: Armageddon is a huge departure for the franchise which could split the hardcore fans. Well it isn’t completely a radical departure since you still make things go boom on Mars.

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