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Nintendo Video Launches Tomorrow ... In Europe

So apparently Nintendo has a new undertaking under way. Launching tomorrow in Japan and the UK will be their latest downloadable service for the new Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Video. The basic principal is that Nintendo is going to be supplying all kinds of visual goodies for their consumer base in the form of both 2D and 3D videos.

Nintendo Joins Van’s Warped Tour

From now until the middle of August music fans will also be able to enjoy a bit of the gaming world on the Van’s Warped tour. The tour traverses across the country and features a number of big name band such as: Against Me!, Paramore, A Day to Remember, 3OH3, and countless more. In addition to these big names in music, a very big name in gaming will also be touring – Nintendo.

Tekken Wii U Is All About Humiliation [E3 2011]

Almost a week later and I’m still trying to wrap my head around Nintendo’s E3 press conference and the newly announced Wii U.  Name aside (its dumb part 2), I’m still trying to gauge if the Wii U has potential or if it’s literally going to be a Wii HD with another gimmick tacked on.  I’m not making my final judgment on the Wii U just yet since we haven’t seen a single full-on game in action just yet, but I’m not sure if tapping a screen to throw ninja stars is something I’ll immediately want to experience.

Nintendo 3DS Round-Up [E3 2011]

With a less then stellar launch in the games department, Nintendo has upped the bar by showcasing several new titles at E3. The best part of it all, most of them come out later this year. We got the low down on some of the games you might have over looked on your E3 watch.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time

Nintendo Wii U: Afterthoughts [E3 2011]

Nintendo has finally announced their newest console, the Wii U. While their E3 press conference didn't have a lot to say directly about the hardware it will be running (focusing mostly instead on their giant, fancy touch-screen controller). They have finally made the leap to a true HD system, which has more than enough power on board to finally run titles directed towards a more hardcore demographic. Titles such as: the upcoming Darksiders 2, Battlefield 3, and Arkham City.

Starfox 64 3D Hands-On Impressions [E3 2011]

There are a few Nintendo franchises that while their popularity is high, we just haven’t seen enough of them lately.  Mario, Zelda and even Donkey Kong can be guaranteed to appear every two or three years in a major release, but the same can’t be said of the coifed haired master pilot that is Starfox.  After debuting on the GameCube in an adventure that really didn’t retain the spirit of the series, Starfox simply disappeared, perhaps vanishing into a black hole after a miscalculated piloting move.  But thanks to Nintendo realizing that there’s an audience for sci-fi spaceshi

The Potential Blunder Moments Of E3 2011

Every year gamers look forward to one specific thing due to the near endless joy that it offers. No, I’m not referring to the ever so crowded but amazing Winter release schedule that this year will bring us games such as Uncharted 3 and Modern Warfare 3.  I’m instead referring to E3 and the near infinite amount of amazement it offers.

Nintendo Provides A Glimpse Of The 3DS Update

We now sit five days away from E3, but for Nintendo 3DS users June 6 will be just as exciting as the gaming conference.

I am of course referring to the long anticipated release of the first software update for the handheld device. Since the release of the 3DS back in March, owners have been awaiting this update as it will greatly enhance the 3DS experience.

It’s Time For A New Ocarina Trailer

Some consider it to be the greatest game ever made, while others place it in their top 10 lists. The question on the mind of all gamers now is will The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D live up to the title. Thankfully for us a sexy new trailer has been released that will have you ghost writing OoT at the top of your lists.

A New Pokemon Game Is Revealed And Another Is Teased

Right now is a pretty good time to be a Pokemon fan, even if the world isn’t in a complete Pikachu love craze. With the release of Pokemon Black/White for the Nintendo DS, things got off to a pretty good start but they’re about to get even better.  While this news may not affect a good portion of the fine Shogun Gamer readers out there, we do have some cool Pokemon news and a tease for the future.

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