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The Nintendo Wii: A Retrospective

Since its release in 2006, the Nintendo Wii has to be both the most praised and the most criticized system of our generation. It was a pretty even split down the middle between people who loved the motion controls and hated them, as well as people who loved the casual, accessible games and hardcore gamers who couldn't be bothered. With the Wii U (I still hate that name) due out next year and the Wii losing much momentum over the past two years, it's time to wave good-bye to the system that ushered in the age of motion controls.

Nintendo Does The Unthinkable: Prepping New Control Add-On For 3DS

The past few months haven’t exactly been that kind to the Nintendo 3DS much to the surprise of gamers and those within the money filled halls of Nintendo HQ.  Nailing down the reason the 3DS hasn’t set the world on fire yet is tough to do since it’s easy to put the blame on Nintendo for over-estimating the 3D fad and simply building a minor DS upgrade around such a thing.

Nintendo To Release The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword "Golden" Bundle.

In the world of Collector's Edition, Limited Edition and "Insert Random Word Here" Editions, Wii games don't usually see that many get released for them. Now Nintendo is looking to offer their Wii fans some Collector's Edition love with the announcement of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Bundle.

The Super Nintendo: A Celebration of Life


August 23rd, 1991 - Nintendo releases the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in North America. Children all around had their first taste of Super Mario World, and the angels rejoiced. And it was good.

Pokemon and Minecraft Collide In Pokemobs

Since it’s the weekend and I decided to take a break from writing my latest review, I came across something I wanted to share with all the fine readers of Shogun Gamer.  For the past year or so Minecraft has taken ahold of the gaming community since it’s an addicting game and it allows people to further show their creativity, whether it’s through building a decadent castle or recreating the Starship Enterprise in a 1:1 match right down to including every single engine room.  Maybe I’m surprised by this new Minecraft mod because I don’t follow the community as intensively as I do o

The Strange, Strange World of Pokémon

I am going to give you a dramatic reveal: I am a Pokémon freak. I am in my mid-20s, and I own every single version of the North American releases. I buy the new generations, I beat the Champions, and God help me I trade with eight-year-olds over the Internet. 

A Few Hidden Wii U Controller Features Are Uncovered

Nintendo may have unveiled the Wii U at E3 this year but there are still a handful of details about the new console that are completely elusive.  Beyond normal things like when the console is going to be released and how much it’ll cost, we still have no firm concept of what sort of online infrastructure Nintendo will be creating for the Wii U and how the new tablet controller will be utilized in games is still something that has yet to be grasped by most people.

Nintendo Officially Lowers The Price Of The 3DS

Today is one of those times where you may want to punch yourself in the face or give yourself a congratulatory high-five depending on how you played things.  To the surprise of no one, Nintendo has announced that starting on August 12th the Nintendo 3DS will retail for $169.  The $80 price drop for the 3DS may be slightly surprising to a small amount of people but considering that Nintendo’s new portable device has continued to have lukewarm sales since its March release the price drop isn’t that much of a shock.

Sega Provides a Rather EDITED Look at Sonic Through the Years

Oh Sega, I love you… Not only because you made some of my favorite games growing up, or because you created me a life-long friend in the form of the blue blur, but because you have balls the size of a small country. In a cute little video – that I somehow missed at the start of the week – Sega decided to show of a new video compilation of Sonic “Through the Years” to tug at our collective nostalgia-based heart-strings. Which, kind of works… except for the fact they are taking an EXTREMELY EDITED look back at the history of Sonic.

Nintendo Reveals Their Offerings For The San Diego Comic Con

This year’s upcoming San Diego Comic-Con will feature thousands of different booths, each fighting for your attention. Nintendo’s booth looks to promise quite the attention grabber this year, which features the debut of many games, along with other treats.

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