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Silicon Knights' Denis Dyack Teases Of A Popular IP Returning Soon

This could be yet another set-up for major disappointment, but Silicon Knights honcho Denis Dyack is once again making some moderately bold claims about the company. No, Dyack has yet to completely lose his mind as he hasn’t gone on a popular message board to post something that only a 12 year-old troll would do, but he has instead made a tease about a supposedly major project his studio is working on.

TL;DR - Mar 23 - Mohawks, Prey 2, Adventure Time!


Happy Friday fellow Shogunites! The week, as long as it may have felt, has finally concluded its grind. Its time to kick back, relax, and dig into whatever game you’re currently working your way through… unless you’re the going out on Friday night kind, in which case: Happy Saturday! Today’s TL;DR offers up some exciting news for the DS in the form of an Adventure Time game. Ubisoft is making plans to shave heads and tattoo attendees at PAX East (exciting!), and some GDC cancellations have the internet talking games that might be canned.

Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses [Impressions]

As you were probably already aware, from the interview, contest, and numerous nods in our nightly TL;DR segment, last night was the premier for the Vancouver showing of The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses. Along with the contest winners, I was able to attend the show last night and experience the event first hand. It was inspiring enough of a spectacle that I figured I’d give you guys a brief wrap-up of everything that went down.

TL;DR - Mar 14 - Baldur's Countdown, Sega, Dynasty Warriors 3DS

Another late night edition of the TL;DR segment, though this one with good reason! Earlier tonight I got to attend The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses, so I was a little bit late getting back to my desk. None the less! There is new information for you today in the form of: Sega joining forces to provide their ‘top games’ on Origin. The Baldur’s Gate teaser site has received an update, in countdown form, and Samus and Link will be playable characters on the 3DS version of Dynasty Warriors.

TL;DR - Mar 13 - DFA Final Tally, Sonic 4: Ep 3, XBL Outage

It looks like tonight I’m doing a super-late edition of our evening meet-up friends. But don’t you fear, a new TL;DR is here! Also, that rhymed, so I should get bonus points. In today’s TL;DR I recap a couple of things that broke my little fan boy heart: Sonic 4 is apparently not getting a third episode, and Xbox Live was killing achievements through-out the day. The good news? Mr. Schafer has wrapped up his quest to fund a new adventure game with a cool 3.3 million.

Kid Icarus: Uprising Hands-on [GDC 2012]

In what was, by far, the largest showing at the Nintendo booth, Kid Icarus: Uprising was being shown in three distinct demonstrations: The first, of course, was of the single-player campaign, allowing players the chance to play three chapters of the game’s story mode. The second was a slice of the multiplayer experience, allowing gamers to try out the “Light vs. Dark” game competitive/team game mode.

Mario Tennis Open Hands-on [GDC 2012]

Having spent time with Sega yesterday, it seemed fitting to drop-in on their 90s rivals Nintendo. The offerings on the showfloor of GDC were primarily (entirely) focused on a push for the software on the Nintendo 3DS including this month’s release of Kid Icarus, and the upcoming Mario Tennis sequel.

Assassin’s Creed 3 Trailer And Release Date Have Arrived

As we reported last week, Ubisoft would be making a big announcement and today we got our first look at Assassin’s Creed 3.

The game will take place in 1777, during the American Revolutionary War. Players take the role of Connor and as we speculated last week he is of Native American descent. Watching the trailer closely you can catch a few details about the game.

What We Want: Pokémon Black and White 2

We now know the next instalment in the Pokémon franchise is a sequel, that being the case it opens the door to a lot of possibilities. 

Black and White Two is of course the first official sequel to ever come from the long standing franchise. What does this mean? Well I believe some hints may be sitting right under our noses. Before we jump into the story let’s talk about the concept of this being a sequel.

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