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Get an extended look at The Last Story with this new trailer

I may be a bit lttp on this, but an extended video for The Last Story has recently dropped that gives us a better look at the world, characters and combat system of Mistwalker’s latest RPG project.  A few weeks ago we got a rather nice video that focused on the combat, which is heavily revolves around magic and thankfully is done via a real-time combat system.  Today’s video is rather long as it clocks in at five minutes, but it is worth the watch since it offers a look at the characters t

THQ goes back to basics, picks up video game rights for Mattel

After rebranding themself as a company intent on releasing exciting and often mature centric IP, THQ could be going back to their roots.  Today the publisher best known for their WWE Smackdown vs. Raw games and the Saints Row series have announced a partnership with toy manufacturing giant Mattel.  If you’re not a toy aficionado or don’t have any kids or younger siblings, Mattel is the company that make the Barbie dolls amongst other iconic toys.

The Last Story combat footage is impressive to say the least

Maybe I’m a bit laxed in my duty as a gamer and “game blogger” or whatever the hell you want to call my job, but I haven’t been following The Last Story that much. Part of my somewhat meh attitude towards the game was because I’m not a huge fan of Hironobu Sakaguchi and thought that Blue Dragon, the first major game from his studio Mistwalker was ok if not a bit disappointing.  But upon watching this extended video showcasing the combat engine of The Last Story, I’m beyond impressed so far

Warren Spector sheds some more light on Epic Mickey

This year the New York Comic-Con had quite a presence on the video game front, not only for existing titles but upcoming games and just announced titles as well. Out of the many games that appeared at the show, Disney’s Epic Mickey was also in attendance with a Q&A with Junction Point’s Warren Spector along with have a playable build on the showfloor.

Sega finally treats Sonic with respect, pulls previous games from shelves

After a few years of unjust abuse, Sega is finally starting to treat the Sonic franchise right again.  Next week the first step of redefining Sonic will begin with the release of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 for the PSN and XBLA. Then next month we’re going to get Sonic Colors, a game that to me is going to be THE best Sonic game released in the past decade. Yes, it’s that damn good.

Become the first Avenger in Captain America: Super Soldier

As much as Sega has improved over the past few years to bring us compelling games from partner studios like Platinum (Bayonetta, Vanquish) or revitalizing their core franchises (Sonic Colors), Sega is still miles behind on the movie game front.  Games based on movies are already notorious for being bad, or at least poorly conceived given the simply brutal time constraints developers are often given. But Sega’s offerings in the movie game genre, specifically their Marvel games, have often left a crater filled with desire and broken dreams.

Learn the importance of story in this new Epic Mickey video

Storytelling is an integral part of any game, even if it’s a silly side-scrolling game or a blow stuff up and ask questions later fps game.  Some developers and studios hold the narrative aspect of a game in a higher regard compared to others and it’s usually from those studios that we get the best games from.

Nintendo reveals their latest pitch lady for Europe

In the past Nintendo has delved into their deep wallets to attain various celebrities to pitch Nintendo products. In North America we got Beyonce playing the DS in a commercial while our friends across the pond in Europe had Nicole Kidman as a pitchwoman.

PS3/360 version of NBA Jam could include Wii features, possibly more

Every storm cloud eventually clears out and results in sunny skies that can be enjoyed by all.  I’m sure a few people (maybe 10) are bummed out that NBA Elite 11 isn’t being released tomorrow but hey, at least NBA Jam is getting a proper release.  As it was revealed last week, the HD version of NBA Jam will have a proper separate release instead of being bundled with NBA Elite 11, a move that was initially beyond silly.

WiiWare gets a sci-fi racing game in the form of FAST

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In the realm of futuristic arcade/kart racers, there are only two games both of which are console exclusives.

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