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Disney Keeps Black Rock Studio and Three Other Studios Alive

This week hasn’t been a good week to be a fan of Disney Interactive’s video games or heaven forbid actually know someone who’s an employee of the company.  After signs were shown through a few key business decisions, Disney announced that they were restructuring their video game label and going in a new direction – which as of now is focused on digitally distributed games.  Folks at Propaganda Games were given their walking papers and so were some of the developers at Junction Point Studios.

The axing continues: layoffs issued at Junction Point Studios

Looking at the amount of developers that have either received massive layoffs or been closed entirely is like seeing Genghis Kahn lay waste to his foes in Asia and across the world.

First footage of Rodea the Sky Soldier, the new game from the creator of Sonic

Former Sega veteran and Sonic creator Yuji Naka has a new title in development at his new studio Prope and we finally have some footage of it in action. Officially dubbed Rodea the Sky Soldier, Yuji’s new game involves gamers taking to the sky as a humanoid looking robot that’s tasked with protecting a kingdom from a series of invaders, most of which are robots.  Yuji promised that Rodea the Sky Soldier would feature “stylish action” and the game seems to deliver that if this trailer is any indication.

The hero of Sky Night Rodea is revealed + a few small in-game screens

We already have a few basic details on Sky Knight Rodea, the latest game from Sonic creator Yuji Naka and his team at Prope.  The prospect of playing a game that revolves around aerial based combat could be fun but some people out there were waiting to see what the game actually looks like before jumping on the “Yuji Naka will forever be awesome” bandwagon.

Early details on Sky Knight Rodea, the new game from Sonic creator Yuji Naka

Yuji Naka (the man who headed up Team Sonic during its heyday) hasn’t exactly done a lot to warrant a great level of hype, but there’s reason to be excited about Yuji’s new project: Tenkuu no Kishi Rodea (Sky Knight Rodea).  Back in October Famitsu shared some early details on Yuji’s project with his new company Prope which hinted at a game that would heavily feature battles in the sky which led many to think it would be reminiscent in some way to Nights Into Dreams, which Yuji also worked on when h

Shogun Gamer's Games of the Year 2010

With 2011 stretching out far ahead, and 2010 dwindling away in the rear-view mirror, it seemed a good time to get the crew together and hash out what our favourites of 2010 were. Taking a new approach, we picked out our categories, and then sat down on a 2+ hour phone call with the editors of the site to decide which games in 2010 deserved recognition. There was a lot of back and forth, a bit of drama, and plenty of arguments for our personal favorites.

Mad Catz CES Showcase [CES 2011]

It’s been a full year now since we first checked in with the modern version of Mad Catz. We saw that they’d come miles since the crappy feeling, budget-priced, third-party controllers of the past. Mad Catz has grown, with more leaps than bounds, over the past year. Now they own five major peripheral manufacturers that span across all modern consoles and the PC. This year’s showcase at CES wasn’t as hefty as last year’s show, and in speaking with the PR the focus for CES 2011 was to feature products releasing within the next 90 days rather than the whole of the year.

New job postings for Junction Point Studios possibly hint to something that isn't Epic Mickey related

With the release of Disney Epic Mickey developer Junction Point Studios now finds themselves in a bit of a tricky spot.  After being hyped up for an incredible amount of time, Disney Epic Mickey somewhat under delivered as it had good production values but just felt a bit too ho-hum in the gameplay department which we all know is where it counts the most.

Tennis fans rejoice, Top Spin 4 gets dated

Tennis may not be the biggest sport out there in terms of popularity in the United States, attendance and overall coverage is waning with the lack of superstars, but there’s good stuff coming out for gamers like Top Spin 4.  There may not be an immediate level of hype for the Top Spin series, but it does have quite a loyal following as 2K has proven to gamers that they can get the job done when it comes to action on the clay courts.

Activision chooses a developer to become their primary Spider-Man studio

After the commercial and critical success that Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions received, Activision has announced that developer Beenox will now become the official development studio for all future Spider-Man games.  The announcement shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise considering that Beenox produced the first quality Spider-Man game since the 2000 release of Spider-Man for the PS1.

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