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Could Major Changes Be In Store For Madden?

There could be some changes inbound to the ever popular Madden football series based on word that several high level members of the development team jumping ship to a new studio.  According to a source of Pastapadre, several members of Tiburon (the studio that makes Madden) are leaving the studio and are possibly joining a newly created studio that focuses on social games.  Jumping from a major studio to one that focuses on social games may seem like its career su

Another Major Hollywood Studio Enters The World Of Gaming

Movie studios have always had a presence in gaming with studios like WB Games or Fox Interactive.

GDC 2011: Nintendo Keynote

It's day one at GDC for us and we are already blown away by what Nintendo has to offer us in the very, very near future. Not only did they show us how the company grew as a whole, but they showed us some new and exciting stuff that will be coming to the 3DS later this year.

We Dare Is Ubisoft's Adult Focused But Extremely New Silly Wii Game

The Wii has mostly gotten a reputation for being a console that has about a bazillion new party games released every month. Most of the party genre games we’ve received over the last four years haven’t exactly been of the best quality. Every now and then a unique title may come up, but then there’s stuff like Scene It? Twilight which is nearly reaches the bottom of the barrel in what a company could release on the Wii.

Captain America Video Game Enlists The Voice Talent Of Leading Man Chris Evans

Now that we’ve actually seen a little bit of what it looks like, there’s a nice amount of hype going for Captain America: The First Avenger.  Set to drop in theaters this July, the first major motion picture based on Captain America aka The First Avenger had a somewhat lukewarm buzz going for it once the cast was announced and production was underway.  Don’t get me wrong, comic book fans love Captain America, but with how forced and hackneyed Iron Man 2 was, the general consensus was that Marvel Entertainment may be on the path to selling their franchises a bit short in the hopes

Activision Announces The Video Game/Toy Based Hybrid Skylanders: Spyro's Adventures

Yesterday brought us the interesting news of Activisions rumored reboot of Spyro the Dragon.  In the wake of Activision’s announcements on Wednesday (cancelled projects and mass firings galore) the fact that Activision was moving forward with a new Spyro game seemed like the company was kicking gamers and its former employees in the stomach while they were down and then to top things off it almost felt like they were pissing on us, Spartacus style.

Super Smash Bros. Mod Project M Demo Is Now Available

Super Smash Bros. may not be the first game people think of to have an intensely loyal fan following, but Nintendo’s all-star fighting series actually has one of the most hardcore followings out there. Not only is Super Smash Bros. and its various incarnations played in fighting tournaments across the world, both in official and underground events, but the fans are so loyal that they’re gone and modded the game.

It's Go, Go Power Rangers Time! Power Rangers Samurai Video Game Gets a Publisher/Developer

Today isn’t exactly the best of days for Namco Bandai.  On one hand the company has revealed Ridge Racer Unbounded, which appears to be an ill-fated Western reboot of the RR franchise. But on the flipside there’s Ace Combat: Assault Horizon that to me honestly looks good.  Things may be in a 50/50 state of “bad crap and awesome stuff”, but Namco Bandai has just revealed something else that could give them some much needed bonus points in the good stuff department:  new Power Rangers games are coming soon.

Skateboarding Games Could Be A Thing Of The Past Based On Recent Sales Figures

In the late 1990s skateboarding blew up as a sport in the mainstream. Thanks to the ever growing popularity of the X-Games, skateboarding found a new audience which later found themselves becoming their own skateboarding legends via video games like the Tony Hawk series from Activision. Many gamers and skateboarders credit the Tony Hawk franchise for further spreading the gospel of skateboarding and it certainly did do a lot for the sport.

Lego Pirates of Caribbean: The Video Game Trailer Debuts Along With First Screens

If you are like me then one of your favorite guilty pleasures in video gaming is enjoying the casual and fun gaming experience that Traveller's Tales Lego series has brought to your favorite console.

Set to sail this May, Traveller's Tales will bring Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game to a shore near you and today unveiled the debut trailer along with the first batch of screen shots for your viewing pleasure.

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