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New Disney Mash-Up Game Surfaces Dubbed Disney Universe

At this point I think most of us really don’t care about what Disney Interactive has to offer us.  After firing a good chunk of their staff and closing Propaganda Games, Disney Interactive really didn’t have much to appeal to core gamers since their newfound focus was now set on entering the casual games/Facebook market.  The news that Split/Second developer Black Rock Studios was working on a new game is certainly promising, but let’s not be too naïve in thinking that game wil

THQ Announces uDraw Is Headed To The PS3, Xbox 360 Later This Year

THQ’s mantra this generation seems to be “let’s give it all we got” and that’s obvious with the news that the company will be bringing their uDraw peripheral to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this year.  Having launched for the Wii last November, THQ’s uDraw has gone on to become a moderate success though it hasn’t exactly garnered an immense amount of 3rd party support. So if you aren’t a fan of SpongeBob Squarepants, Pictionary or want an easy drawing tablet for your console, this may not be amazing news for you.

Ubisoft Creates New Entertainment Division

Since Ubisoft isn’t happy with just making video games, the company behind massive hits such as the Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia franchises will be opening a new division intent on developing TV shows and films based on their impressive stable of properties.  The news of Ubisoft’s entertainment endeavors comes straight from Variety which actually doesn’t have too much to say concerning Ubisoft’s plans for future entertainment domination.

New No More Heroes 2 Figure Is Provocative Yet Really Awesome

If you’ve been reading Shogun Gamer for a while now you probably know I adore the No More Heroes franchise.  The first No More Heroes game was one of the reasons I bought a Wii, if not the only reason, and I try to own as much NMH stuff as my budget can allow me.  So with how high I revere the No More Heroes franchise, just imagine my reaction upon hearing the news that a No More Heroes figure of Sylvia Christel is finally available for pre-order.

Nintendo Confirms Existence Of New Console, Gives A Small Update

After being hit with new rumors on an almost daily basis for the last week, Nintendo has decided to no longer play coy as they’ve officially announced their new console.  Sadly Nintendo didn’t release a treasure trove of details concerning the device so the rumors we’ve received have yet to be shot down or confirmed.

New rumors on Nintendo’s next console: This won’t be your grandma’s gaming machine (again)

Rumors hit the web today further encouraging fan’s hope that Nintendo’s next generation console will be the hardcore gaming machine that we’re anticipating, instead of what your grandparents play bowling on.

Speculative information on Nintendo’s console was released from IGN earlier today covering many questions gamers had regarding the system. The information ranged from when it will be released, how much it will cost, and all the juicy bits in between – including a possible name!

Centipede Gets Modern Era Reboot, Looks Interesting

At this point its standard practice to see classic games remade at some point.  Over the years we’ve witnessed classics like Pac-Man and Asteroids be reinvented for the modern audiences and occasionally these reboots tend to be good but other times they’re complete garbage.  Perhaps it’s just publisher/developer greed and incompetence that’s to blame for some of the more lacking classic game reboots or maybe it’s just because something that’s perfect doesn’t need to be remade as a 3D shooter.

New Screens Of The Futuristic Racing Game Fast Look Better Than Ever

Compared to the amount of games I play on the PSN and XBLA, I’m not much of a WiiWare gamer.  To be honest I only have one WiiWare game in my collection and that’s simply because I don’t pay too much attention to what’s released on Nintendo’s online service.  I’ve definitely seen some cool games pop up here and there, but often my time is occupied with other games, thus I don’t get a chance to check stuff out. But in the next month or so I will be hopping on my Wii to check out Fast, the new futuristic racing game from developer Shin’en.

Nintendo Rumor Time Part 2: New Console To Include HD Touch Screen Controller

Yesterday word spread that Nintendo was planning to beat Sony and Microsoft to the punch by releasing their next-gen console first.  A planned successor to the Wii, Nintendo’s new console was reportedly going to be HD based (duh) and have graphical capabilities that would possibly exceed those of the PlayStation 3.  The biggest and most shocking news concerning this Nintendo rumor was that the console would drop next year, which almost seems a bit unreal.

Mind Explosion Rumor Time: Nintendo Set To Unveil New Console Soon

Right now we’re in a dry spell of sorts when it comes to overly exciting news.  There have definitely been a few interesting tidbits that have been dropped and some nice announcements, but leading up to the mega event that is E3 things are always slow since various companies are busy planning their reveals and choosing what games will be present at the show.  So far we haven’t heard anything too substantial concerning E3 besides the confirmation of the new Hitman game making an appearance and some hogwash concerning Sony’s plans for the event.  Nintendo has always typically k

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