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THQ Closes More Studios, Shifts Focus Slightly

After a disappointing quarter which led to the Red Faction franchise being put on the backburner indefinitely, THQ has gutted several more studios along with putting even more franchises to rest.  Joining Red Faction in the heaven that dead video game franchises hang out in is the MX vs. ATV franchise. A long running staple of THQ the MX vs.

Sega Provides a Rather EDITED Look at Sonic Through the Years

Oh Sega, I love you… Not only because you made some of my favorite games growing up, or because you created me a life-long friend in the form of the blue blur, but because you have balls the size of a small country. In a cute little video – that I somehow missed at the start of the week – Sega decided to show of a new video compilation of Sonic “Through the Years” to tug at our collective nostalgia-based heart-strings. Which, kind of works… except for the fact they are taking an EXTREMELY EDITED look back at the history of Sonic.

Images Surface For GoldenEye: Reloaded, The HD Port Of A Remake

With the San Diego Comic kicking off later this week we have an early reveal of sorts as Activision has let the cat out of the bag: GoldenEye is coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360. As a series of domain registrations hinted at, Activision will be releasing a HD port of GoldenEye dubbed GoldenEye: Reloaded for the Xbox 360 and the PS3, with the latter receiving PlayStation Move support.

Nintendo Reveals Their Offerings For The San Diego Comic Con

This year’s upcoming San Diego Comic-Con will feature thousands of different booths, each fighting for your attention. Nintendo’s booth looks to promise quite the attention grabber this year, which features the debut of many games, along with other treats.

WWE/THQ Reveals New Fantasy Based Fighting Game [Video]

It’s a Sunday yet here I am writing about worthy news since for once something interesting in the video game world has happened on a Sunday.  I really don’t know if the core fanbase will appreciate this, but today a new WWE wrestling game has been revealed by the WWE and developer THQ.  We’re at another point in which the WWE is seeking to diversify their portfolio as they’re attempting to spread to the realm of entertainment that doesn’t involve two or more men beating up one another in a ring.  THQ and the WWE have in the past tried to do some non-wrestling video games with

Yet Another GoldenEye Game May Be Coming Out, This Time Possibly For The HD Consoles

Last year Activision did something that made some people happy and infuriated others: they released a new version of GoldenEye.  Far from being a modern day update of the classic Nintendo 64 game, Activision’s GoldenEye release (which was exclusive to the Wii) was a complete reboot of the GoldenEye plot complete with new scenarios and levels being created along with the more modern twists that were also thrown in.  For what it was GoldenEye was a solid James Bond game but the whole Wii only thing irked a lot of people, even if GoldenEye’s history is tied with the N64.

The Potential Blunder Moments Of E3 2011

Every year gamers look forward to one specific thing due to the near endless joy that it offers. No, I’m not referring to the ever so crowded but amazing Winter release schedule that this year will bring us games such as Uncharted 3 and Modern Warfare 3.  I’m instead referring to E3 and the near infinite amount of amazement it offers.

Konami E3 2011 Press Conference Viewing Party/Live Blog Extravaganza

Last year at E3 something special happened: Konami had a press conference and it was the epitome of crazy and weird.  Most E3 press conferences tend to be a 50/50 split of pure boredom (sales charts, casual shovelware) and stuff that gets us excited (major game reveals, new hardware being shown) but last year Konami gave us nothing but gems. 

Disney Universe Premier Trailer Hits, Looks Like LBP

Most of us thought that Disney Interactive were really downsizing on the amount of games they developed seeing as how they fired nearly half of their core workforce.

Phoenix Wright Could Be Making The Leap To The Big Screen With A Famous Director At The Helm

I think every single gamer in the world, no matter what age they are, all know that most films based on video games aren’t good. The amount of reasons why a film based on Tomb Raider or even lesser known franchises such as Wing Commander falter is at times incomprehensible.  Unlike creating a film from the ground up and trying to tailor it for certain audiences, films based on video games already have a good chunk of the material written already and more importantly the filmmakers have a gauge on what the gaming audiences likes or dislikes.

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