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Another update on No More Heroes 2

Some new details on “No More Heroes 2” have emerged from the latest issue of Edge magazine and like all the other reports on NMH2 have been this one is filled with more goodness.

Super Star Wars comes to the Wii

So far this gen the Star Wars franchise hasn’t really had the best track record with the games released so far as "The Force Unleashed" was just ok and the long awaited “Star Wars: Battlefront 3” was cancelled due to some backdoor shadiness on the part of Rebellion.

Activision's Emperor, oops I mean CEO, wants to raise game prices

If there was any doubt that Activision has officially turned into the evil empire then I think the latest comments from CEO Bobby Kotick will surely cement your opinion on the company being entirely focused on making tons of money while they shaft consumers. 

During the Activision Conference Call when an analyst from Piper Jaffray brought up the issue of pricing Bobby Kotick replied that if given the chance he would actually raise prices for their products. For this to fully sink in and I’ll post the exact excerpt from the call:

Monster Hunter 3 Gets the Black Treatment on Wii

While most North American Gamers are bewildered by the hold that games like monster hunter have on fans across the ocean. There is no denying this release is special for another reason. Not only is Monster Hunter 3 making it's Nintendo Wii appearance, but it is also being bundled with yes a Kuro Black Wii. That we first previewed a few months back...... Did you hear that right?

Epic Mickey is the craziest Disney project ever

For some time now we’ve been teased about a unique Disney project Warren Spector and his team at Junction Point is working on. Details on the project have been extremely sparse aside from the game being called or at least codenamed “Epic Mickey” and that the Nintendo Wii may be its platform of choice.

New Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles trailer

While Wii owners may still yearn for a new RE chapter in the vein of Resident Evil 4 at least they have the upcoming Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles to keep them occupied. Using same fps on-rails mechanic as Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, Darkside Chronicles takes players through the events of Resident Evil 2 as players once again fight the zombie hordes as Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy along with stepping into the shoes of Steve Burnside for the Resident Evil: Code Veronica chapter.

An extended look at Dragon Ball's latest adventure on the Wii

While starting out strong the Dragon Ball games have become a bit stagnant of late. The first few games that appeared on the PS2 were solid as fans finally had a chance to take part in the massive battles they watched for years in the anime.  The subsequent sequels gave players more characters to play as but didn’t really do anything other new or unique in terms of gameplay. Some fans were even a bit letdown by the recent PS3/360 Dragon Ball game, Burst Limit, as it was yet another retread of what we’ve seen earlier in past installments.

QuarterSave: The Triumphant Return! EP06

Weeeeeee’re back! A couple weeks of downtime due to the downswing of stories in the wake of E3, and the loss of a cast member to the wiles of Vegas. But we’re finally back up and running for the show again! This week we discuss the Game Critics Awards that were handed out for the best of E3 2009, Battlefield Heroes for the PC, Ghostbusters, Prototype, and Red Faction!

No More Heroes 2 is aiming to be complete craziness.

A few weeks ago No More Heroes creator Suda 51 in an interview with Gametrailers gave a hint as to how many boss battles we can expect in No More Heroes 2. Suda didn’t give an exact number but he did say it would be more than the 10 bosses, the amount in the first game.

E3 2009 Game Critics Winners List

Alright, so the time has finally come! The winners of the 2009 E3 best of show has been announced. The Game Critics council of video game journalists from about 29 major publications have made their selections. Feel free to compare your list of favourites against what actually won. In fact, why not turn it into a little drinking game? I know how gaming and alcohol goes hand and hand, throw a little gamble into the mix and you got the next great american past-time. Remember each time you got one wrong you need to do a shot!

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