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A small peek at Epic Mickey in motion

We've already seen a nice chunk of in-game images from Epic Mickey, or rather Not So Epic Mickey depending on who you ask, and now we have an idea of what the game, or at least Mickey, will look like in motion.

[UPDATED] The first scan for Epic Mickey may leave you a bit disappointed

[Updated OCT 17 - 4 New Scans Added]

After a massive amount of hype on message boards and sites like this we finally have our first look at what Epic Mickey looks like and I think we should perhaps dial down our expectations a bit.  We should of course not judge the game based on one scan but what has been leaked so far doesn't exactly look like the crazy and extremely twisted concept art we saw.

Daft Punk spins some good beats in these new DJ Hero videos

With the release of DJ Hero two weeks away we're still getting a nice flow of info and media for the game.  After getting the full set list and the exclusive tracks by Jay-Z and Eminem in the Renegade Edition last week we now have some videos featuring Daft Punk as our weekly DJ Hero content.

Get a peek at an enemy in Epic Mickey

With the November issue of Game Informer set to be in mailboxes within a matter of days GI decided to give everyone a small tease of what they can expect from the issue and the game in general with a video showing off some concept art.  The time-lapse video shows an artist from Epic Mickey developer Junction Point drawing a foe that Mickey encounters during the game set to some wonderful music. 

Try out DJ Hero this Sunday

If you’re like me and have are a bit hesitant about Activision’s upcoming buttery beats game DJ Hero then this Sunday you’ll be able to check out the game for yourself thanks to GameStop.  On Sunday GameStop stores across U.S. will be having a special DJ Hero event where the game will be playable and those who show up can also enter contests for a bevy of prizes ranging from simple stuff like hats and key chains to more substantial things like winning the Renegade Edition of the game (i.e. the really expensive one with exclusive songs) signed by Eminem.

[Update] Game Informer gives us our first peek at Epic Mickey

After being teased with some amazing concept art we're only a week away from getting our first official look at the long awaited game Epic Mickey which as previously rumored is a Wii exclusive.  As hinted last month Game Informer magazine is getting the scoop on the game and starting today they'll be posting small tidbits about the project with the first being an interview with creative director Warren Spector.  That is

Gameloft gives an update on EarthWorm Jim HD

Earthworm Jim fans were a bit bummed out when the PSP sequel developed by Shiny Entertainment was cancelled awhile back ago but now you can wipe those tears away with the latest news on Gameloft’s planned EarthWorm Jim revival for digital distribution platforms.

Leon & Krauser fight zombies and uncover mysteries in this new trailer for Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles

So far we’ve seen small snippets of the Leon & Krauser scenario in Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles but now Capcom has given us a nice meaty look at the game as well as some new images. If you were already hyped up about this scenario then I think this new media will put your hype level into overdrive.

[UPDATE] Tatsunoko vs. Capcom TGS trailer featuring Frank West

Two weeks ago it was leaked that Frank West from Dead Rising would be appearing in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and now we have our first look at the hardened news photographer in action.

First footage of playable Shinobu in No More Heroes 2

The hype for No More Heroes 2 was already high when the game was announced and the first footage and images were released but when it was announced that former boss Shinobu would be a playable character there was a collective mind explosion across the NMH fanbase.  Suda 51 promised that the addition of Shinobu as a playable character would fit the game and that she would bring new abilities Travis doesn’t have such as being able to jump and move quicker.  Based on the recently release footage of Shinobu in action I think fans of the series will have a hard time waiting to get thei

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