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The ESRB tells us how awesome No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle will be

No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle is going to be a crazy ass game and there was never any doubt it wouldn’t be.  The first NMH game had a plethora of sexual innuendos coupled with graphic violence that pleased folks like me who enjoy a little bit of fun ultra violence in their games.

QuarterSave: The Holiday That Video Games Forgot EP16

This week’s show works its way around a rather barren looking release list. With not much to look forward to the crew looks back on the releases from last week and what we’ve been playing. Everyone in hooked on Borderlands so we get to spend a little bit of time this week catching up on what we’ve been doing in Pandora, as well as some discussion about Assassin’s Creed 2.

EA Montreal says bye to the Wii

In news that will undoubtedly please many EA Montreal General Manager Alain Tascan announced that the studio will be shifting its focus from the Wii to producing high-end blockbuster style HD games.  The studio previously developed games for the Wii such as Skate It, Boogie Superstar, SSX on Tour and Need For Speed: Nitro.

Mass We Pray - The game Jesus would play (If he lost his copy of Modern Warfare 2)

Prayer Works Interactive is a newer game-development company who believe there are a lack of quality games based upon traditional family values. But fear not! Their mission is to fill that void by creating engaging, top-quality games that entertain, inspire and bring families closer to the Lord. They seem to achieve one of those 5 goals (I'll let you guess which one) in their first game "Mass: We Pray."

Zelda's next adventure on the Wii is going to be a bit different

Even though E3 2010 is still a ways off the hype train is slowly starting to roll based on some recent comments concerning the beloved Zelda series.

Speaking to the Official Nintendo Magazine producer Eiji Aonuma said that we can expect some surprises as Nintendo will show an overhaul of the series at the event. Eiji elaborated by saying that the next Zelda adventure on the Wii will feature a different structure since he and Zelda creator and video game god Shigeru Miyamoto agreed that a change was needed to give Zelda fans a fresh experience.

In case you still care here are some direct feed screens of Epic Mickey

When the scans for Epic Mickey were released the general reaction was “uh, is that what we’re getting?”  Not only did the game seem to fail to deliver anything as intriguing as the concept art but from a technical standpoint it wasn’t looking too hot either.

See Naruto's latest adventure on the Wii in this new trailer for Naruto Shippuden: Ryujinki

Naruto is hitting the Wii in yet another game and this time it’s Naruto Shippuden Ryujinki.  I have no clue what the hell is going on in this trailer as my knowledge of Naruto is limited to watching a few episodes on the Cartoon Network but quickly giving up due to the constant filler episodes. 

From what I can see in the trailer all the characters one would want in a Naruto game are present such as the pervy guy with the long hair, that pale fish looking guy and of course some other ninja peeps who I have no clue what their names are.

Activision is developing some sort of James Bond GoldenEye game

After the lukewarm reception to the game version of Quantum of Solace, Activision seems to have a plan to tug at the nostalgic heartstrings of gamers with their next James Bond game.

DJ Hero sales may not be the hot fire we expected

I usually don’t like to look into what industry analysts have to say since most of the time they’re talking out of their ass. But I couldn’t help but slightly interested in what analyst Doug Creutz had to say about the sales of Activision’s DJ Hero. 

According to Creutz demand for the game is “well below” expectations based on a survey taken with online retailers.  Creutz goes on to say that the game could only sell 600,000 units in Q4 which is a nice amount but is a far from previous estimates that had the game at 1.6m units.

Things get surreal in this new No More Heroes 2 trailer

We all know that No More Heroes 2 is going to be a crazy game with tons of weird stuff in it, which is why we all love it, but when we see a girl weilding giant anime arms who makes a strange squeal when hit I think the game has reached an all new level of strangeness. 

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