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Disney Announces Epic Mickey 2, Features Co-Op Play And Is Coming To HD Systems

Disney Interactive is having another go at creating a massive triple A game as they’ve officially announced Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. Long rumored post the release of Epic Mickey and then unofficially revealed through a Disney Interactive survey, Junction Point Interactive’s Warren Spector has revealed the first details of the game which may prove to be surprising even for those who heard the previous rumors.

Activision Reveals Another Transformers Game

The Transformers franchise may have been somewhat sullied by a movie trilogy that was the embodiment of dumb and abysmal (at least to fans of the original property), but at least the Transformers are still rolling out in some hopefully good video games.  Besides the forthcoming Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Activision has just announced a new Transformers game that may be geared towards the younger gamers but aren’t we all young at heart?

TL;DR - Mar 13 - DFA Final Tally, Sonic 4: Ep 3, XBL Outage

It looks like tonight I’m doing a super-late edition of our evening meet-up friends. But don’t you fear, a new TL;DR is here! Also, that rhymed, so I should get bonus points. In today’s TL;DR I recap a couple of things that broke my little fan boy heart: Sonic 4 is apparently not getting a third episode, and Xbox Live was killing achievements through-out the day. The good news? Mr. Schafer has wrapped up his quest to fund a new adventure game with a cool 3.3 million.

CG Pac-Man Cartoon Gets Greenlit, Headed To Disney

Pac-Man may not be so popular these days that he has songs written about him or has his own brand of cereal, but the iconic video game character is going to receive a brand new cartoon.  Today Disney announced that they picked up Pac-Man: The Adventure Begins, a new CG Pac-Man cartoon that takes the character on a series of adventures with new characters – all of whom have a slightly creepy appearance.

The Next Generation Of Superheroes Step Up In Young Justice: Legacy

In news that may please both superhero fans and cartoon lovers, WB Games and Little Orbit have revealed Young Justice: Legacy. Based on the Cartoon Network series Young Justice, the video game adaptation of the series will feature heroes such as Robin and The Flash do the bidding for their grown up counterparts while they go on their own separate superhero adventures.  I’ll be upfront in saying that I haven’t seen the series myself, but from what I’ve heard it’s decent and is the closest we’ll ever get to another JLA show so in the minds of many the show is absolutely golden.

Good News Finally Arrives For Retro City Rampage

Today brings us some good news concerning an indie game that has often been talked about but seemingly felt like it may never see the light of day.  The game in question is the love letter to retro gaming that is Retro City Rampage, an open-world action game that basically goes wild in the retro department in such a way that we’ve never seen before.  After been revealed to the public with loads of adulation and praise, the hype was high for Retro City Rampage but the game suffered from one issue: it nearly rivaled Fez in the constantly delayed department.

Disney Interactive Goes Through A Rather Substantial Restructuring

We haven’t heard of any major news from Disney Interactive for a rather substantial period of time but out of nowhere a rather major thing has transpired.  Despite the focus shifting Disney Interactive may have done which sadly resulted in hundreds of folks having no jobs and whole studios being closed, the core brain trust of the company remained intact – for better or worse.

THQ Rumored To Be Laying-Off 170 Employees [Updated]


THQ appears to be 0-2 in the good news department this week since after their current NASDAQ issues word has surfaced that the company is about to lay off 170 employees.  Industry centric gamers should be familiar with the previous culling THQ has done last year and the years before, all of which were sadly substantial and resulted in studios being closed or halved in size.

The Glum THQ Update Of The Week

2012 is definitely not the best year for THQ as the company is being faced with another potentially major issue.  After a so-so 2011 in which key software titles underperformed or outright bombed, THQ is now in a position in which they need nothing but megahits in 2012 to make a profit and bring some much needed financial value back to the company.  Accomplishing such a thing definitely isn’t easier said than done, but now THQ is literally on the chopping block.

Shogun Gamer's Best of 2011 Awards - Finale

We’re back! I assume that you are all as excited to hear Shogun Gamer’s Day Two of Awards as much as we are to provide them. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on Day One, we’ve received warm reception so far on the new approach to award-supply that our team opted for this year, and we’re glad to hear that our little gamble paid off!

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