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Mega Man 10 achievements revealed

For all you gaming masochists out there, rejoice! Capcom has released the achievements list for Mega Man 10 and oh man is it a doozy.

[Video] Suda 51 tells us about No More Heroes 2 while he sits on the toilet

With the release of No More Heroes 2 next week I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting to open his presents.  I’m a huge NMH fan and the past few trailers have put me into hype overdrive mode since the game promises to be even crazier and more enjoyable than the first installment.   Sadly Ubisoft has been doing the best job of promoting the game, in fact they don’t seem to be promoting it at all, but they have released another dev diary for the game featuring the incredible Suda 51.

QuarterSave: First of 2010 Edition EP21

Welcome to QuarterSave’s first official podcast of the New Year! That’s right; the whole crew is back again this week. Evil Casey, Good Casey, and Neutral Robert have all returned. This week’s podcast features our thoughts on the New Year’s rush. With the amount of games that have been pushed back, and now the backlog that it has created, is the new standard of having a bunch of big titles in Q1 a good or a bad thing?

Here Are Your 8 Robot Masters for Mega Man 10

If you’ve been poking around the internet over the last couple of weeks you may have been compiling a list of the Robot Masters. Alternatively, you may have come across the scans posted online from the Japanese video game magazine CoroCoro that showed artwork for the 8 boss battles coming your way. 

Ubisoft announces delay for Splinter Cell, confirmation of a Driver reboot and a new Assassin's Creed game

The slightly gut punching delays keep on coming as Ubisoft have announced via their fiscal results that Splinter Cell: Conviction will not be released in February as planned and will instead drop in April.  A two month delay isn’t that bad but based on how good Sam Fisher’s latest outing looks a lot of folks desperately want to get their hands on the game as soon as possible

Netflix streaming announced for the Wii

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After being rumored for awhile all while claims that it couldn’t or wouldn’t happen Netflix and Nintendo have announced that Netflix owners will now be able to stream films and TV on the Wii.  If you’re currently a Netflix member with an $8.99 subscription or higher you’ll be good to go when Netflix streaming hits the Wii this spring as the service will not require an additional charge.

Peripheral Renaissance: Spotlight Mad Catz CES 2010

For anyone who grew up in the 90s as I did third-party peripherals generally hold a negative stigma about them, especially if you happened to be a Nintendo fan. The N64 controllers that were launched throughout the consoles life-cycle were quite possibly some of the worst offenses ever made to the gaming community.

Nintendo comments on Zelda Wii and their next handheld

With recent rumors that Nvidia would be supplying the graphics chip for Nintendo’s next handheld Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has commented for the first time and what we can expect from Nintendo’s successor to the DS.

Capcom comments on their plans concerning Western developers

Besides taking chances on new IPs and games that could be considered niche in nature, Capcom also took a massive risk on Western development studios with somewhat mixed results.  Bionic Commando which was the first game to use a Western developer, the now closed Grin, resulted in a game that was received somewhat poorly among critics and bombed to an extent at retail.  Here’s hoping Capcom’s next Western developed game Dark Void fairs a bit better in both regards.

Sega backs out of the mature games market on the Wii

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If you’re exclusively a Wii gamer or prefer that platform the most if you own multiple consoles then it may be a sad day for you. With the amount of games aimed at mature audiences already low that number looks to be decreasing even more with recent comments made by Sega studio director Constantine Hantzopoulos.

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