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A new Okamiden trailer

After being announced a few weeks ago to the surprise of many and having a brief teaser released we now have a better look at the upcoming Okamiden. If you don't follow Nintendo DS news that much Okamiden is the Nintendo DS sequel to the cult favorite Okami which was released for the PS2 and later for the Wii.

Big Smile Reviews: A Little Bit of Puzzle League

Planet Puzzle League goes by many different names. In Europe it's Puzzle League DS, and in Japan it's Panel de Pon DS (パネルでポンDS). The game is developed by Intelligent Systems, creator of the original Panel de Pon. Better known as it's English adaptation, Tetris Attack.

Big Smile Reviews: Flipnote Studio!

Flipnote Studio is a free downloadable DSiWare application. Flipnote Studio allows the user to create both word and picture-based notes with the stylus, add sound, and put them together to create frame-by-frame flipbook-style animations. Though referred to as 'Moving Notepad' by Nintendo in prior English-language keynote addresses and conferences, the application was announced at E3 2009 officially as 'Flipnote Studio'. It was released in North America on August 12, 2009 and on August 14, 2009 in Europe and Australasia.

Activision's Emperor, oops I mean CEO, wants to raise game prices

If there was any doubt that Activision has officially turned into the evil empire then I think the latest comments from CEO Bobby Kotick will surely cement your opinion on the company being entirely focused on making tons of money while they shaft consumers. 

During the Activision Conference Call when an analyst from Piper Jaffray brought up the issue of pricing Bobby Kotick replied that if given the chance he would actually raise prices for their products. For this to fully sink in and I’ll post the exact excerpt from the call:

E3 2009 Game Critics Winners List

Alright, so the time has finally come! The winners of the 2009 E3 best of show has been announced. The Game Critics council of video game journalists from about 29 major publications have made their selections. Feel free to compare your list of favourites against what actually won. In fact, why not turn it into a little drinking game? I know how gaming and alcohol goes hand and hand, throw a little gamble into the mix and you got the next great american past-time. Remember each time you got one wrong you need to do a shot!

E3 2009: Game Critic's Award Nomination List Released

The week following E3 there’s generally a nice little downturn in gaming related news. Pretty much everything will have been thoroughly showcased and commented on during the week of E3. “So where do we go from there?” you might be asking yourself. Well the answer is quite clear; a look back.  A retrospective if you will. This comes in the form of the Game Critic’s awards. The nomination list was just recently released.

Aliens: Colonial Marines for the Nintendo DS

A few weeks ago interesting footage of an Aliens game for the Nintendo DS leaked online and was quickly taken down. Surprisingly the game looked quite good and seemed to be a combination of Metroid style gameplay while evoking memories of the old Aliens arcade game.   Sadly the hopes of fans were crushed as rumors spread that the Aliens DS game was the latest casualty in the list of cancelled Alien games following the Aliens RPG from Obsidian and the Gearbox developed Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Big Smile Reviews: PicoPict (PiCTOBiTS) DS review.

PiCOPiCT (or PiCTOBiTS in North America) is a falling block/match three puzzle video game developed by skip Ltd. and published by Nintendo for the DSiWare digital distribution service. It is one of six games released for the Art Style series of video games. It was announced on January 26, 2009, and was released two days later alongside Somnium, another Art Style game.

Mini Ninja Gameplay Video

We covered the developer forum launch of this game a few months back. In the beginning it looked like a great little pick up and go game. With the latest game play video, released by Joystiq yesterday. The game is looking like a whole lot more than just your average weekend rental. With tactics, side missions, and the ability to possess animals of the forest.

Hideo Kojima is up to his old tricks again

Over the years we’ve come to know Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima as somewhat of a trickster who has no problem playing tricks or practical jokes on his audience. As you may have read by now on reputable and not so reputable gaming sites it seems like Mr. Kojima is up to his usual tricks again. This time it’s in the form of a mysterious magazine ad and a blank page on the Kojima Productions website.

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