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Pokemon Black / White New Trailer and Release Date

It looks like we finally have a firm release date for the next Pokémon adventures. September 18th will see the release of Black and White in Japan, with a North American release yet to be announced. The release date was provided via the first trailer for the game, which you can check out below!

Capcom announces their E3 2010 line-up (no surprises for now)

Less than a week away (check out that snazzy countdown clock on the left) Capcom has finally announced their E3 line-up. It’s somewhat surprising Capcom has decided to even bother announcing their line-up but hey, got to hype the games up as much as you can.

Capcom’s E3 2010 line-up consists of:

Pokemon Black/White Legendaries and Release Window Announced

Today Nintendo released a little more information about the next generation of the Pokémon games. It looks as though we’ll be seeing Pokémon Black/White on the North American shores as early as Spring 2011. This bit of information was confirmed as Nintendo updated the NA Pokemon website to show a teaser image of two new Legendary Pokémon, named Reshiram and Zekrom.

Sega announces Sonic Colors

Even though the concept is simple and gamers have made their voice known, Sega is still figuring out what to do with the Sonic franchise.  With the quality of Sonic 4 still being questioned by fans, Sega has already gone and announce a brand new Sonic game. Coming exclusively to the Wii and DS later this year, Sonic Colors will find our favorite speed demon on yet another adventure.

Pokemon Black and White's Three Starters Revealed

I don’t know how many Pokefans are still floating about out there, but I have to say it is still to this day one of my personal favourite RPGs. I know there are some haters out there, but the game delivers a solid experience every single time, and appeals to my obsessive collector behaviour. That’s why whenever we let a little new information about the upcoming Black/White series, I feel compelled to share. 

Bayer Brings Diabetes Testing to the Nintendo DS.

Bayer introduces a new way for kids diagnosed with diabetes to monitor their blood sugar levels with the announcement of Didget.

Didget is a blood monitor glucose system especially designed for use with the Nintendo DS.

Children earn reward points whenever they use the device to test their blood. The reward points received will be based on factors such as how often a kid tests and what level he/she maintains their blood sugar level at.

Nintendo 3DS reportedly bound for October release in UK

If you love the Nintendo DS and are intrigued by 3D gaming then today is your lucky day.  Gaming site CVG is reporting from trade sources that the recently announced Nintendo 3DS is scheduled for an October release in the UK.  Previously the device was rumored to have a release early next year but that doesn’t seem to be the case now.

Pokemon Black and White Announced for Fall Release

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Looks like a couple of new Pokémon games are heading our way this fall. If you were one of the people that picked up the recent release of either HeartGold or SoulSilver, then I’m sure this latest bit of information is sure to grab you. Though if you’re a fan of colored titles, then this next bit may be a let down.

Spider-man Gets Cosmic Costume Option with Shattered Dimension Pre-Order

Earlier in the week we got the first look at the upcoming Spider-man game from Activision: Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions. A short trailer was launched showcasing two of the game’s four dimensions that will be playable, with a promise of more to be revealed later. Since then has been a bit of a slip over on the site of our good friends Gamestop. Ah, Gamestop, your blunders never cease and it makes for a great news grab.

Nintendo announces the 3DS, a new handheld with 3D effects

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It’s a measly Tuesday morning in March but already the hype for E3 has skyrocketed.  During a recent financial meeting, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced that the successor to the Nintendo DS will feature 3D effects. Yup, Nintendo is jumping aboard the 3D gaming bandwagon that Sony has been on for awhile.

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