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Nintendo reveals their latest pitch lady for Europe

In the past Nintendo has delved into their deep wallets to attain various celebrities to pitch Nintendo products. In North America we got Beyonce playing the DS in a commercial while our friends across the pond in Europe had Nicole Kidman as a pitchwoman.

New extremely sharp looking Dead or Alive: Dimensions screens

After being M.I.A for a while, and sorely missed, the Dead or Alive franchise is finally making a return to console gamers. There is a catch though as the new DOA game is destined for the Nintendo 3DS.  Don’t ask me who makes these decisions at Tecmo Koei but let’s be thankful we’re at least getting a direct fighting based DOA game and not another “volleyball” game starring the buxom ladies of the franchise.

Doctor Who gaming accessories look awesome (yes, they're really geeky)

The BBC seems quite serious about having Doctor Who make an impact in the world of video games. We’ve already gotten the downloadable Doctor Who adventure games for the PC along with having Wii and DS games on deck for next month.  But now the BBC is expanding the Doctor Who video game license a bit with these new accessories for the Wii and Nintendo DS.

BBC and Koch Media announce new Doctor Who games

At the start of the year the BBC made their intentions known of wanting a Doctor Who video game to hit the major consoles.  A few months later reports sprung that the BBC had settled on a Doctor Who game set for the Wii and DS, with an unannounced developer handling the titles. Now, the BBC has released some minor new details on Doctor Who’s first proper trip to the world of gaming.

Shogun Gamer News Wrap-Up: August 2 - August 6

Despite being the first week of August, there was surprisingly a good amount of news that was actually news worthy. Most of the time the beginning of August is an absolute dull period for gaming with next to no big releases until the latest iteration of Madden hits the masses.

Let the colors and J-Pop relax you in this new Okamiden trailer

Amongst DS owners and those who love games with god that takes the form of a cute wolf, Okamiden is a hotly anticipated title.  No one was ever expecting Capcom to make a proper sequel to the PS2 game Okami since the game underperformed.  And by saying the game underperformed I mean that since it was a major flop in Japan, something that still doesn’t seem right.

Pokemon Black / White to Feature Video Chat

Plenty of new information about the next incarnation of the Pokémon franchise was released this week. New features, modes, and gameplay mechanics were all announced, and Nintendo was even nice enough to detail some of it. Obviously the biggest change to the game and the subject that we've received the most information about so far is the video chat features.

A final artistic look at E3 2010

E3 and the subsequent post-E3 aftershocks may be finally ending but that doesn’t mean people aren’t still talking about it. While we weren’t graced with any true hardware surprises or game announcements, E3 2010 was memorable if only for the extremely strange Konami conference.

Okamiden merchandise is cuteness to the max

Our avid readers should know that I’m a bit of a softy at times and like the rest of the Shogun Gamer staff I really dig cool video game merchandise. So with that being said I nearly jumped with glee out of my cubicle when I saw this plush version of the adorable wolf from Okamiden.

Saints Row: Drive-By to shoot up XBLA

If you enjoy rolling down the streets of Stilwater with your posse in a pimp mobile as you casually unleash a wave of bullets on an opposing gang then today is your lucky day.  We may be a ways off from getting Saints Row 3 but THQ is trying to keep gangsta antics of Saints Row alive with Saints Row: Drive By for the Nintendo 3DS and Xbox Live Arcade. Yup, now you can represent the 3rd Street Saints on XBLA.

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