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Tom Tom Navigation gets Star Wars voice over edition.

For those of you with Tomtom navigation systems, this summer marks the release of some familiar voices packs for your GPS travels.

Tomtom has teamed up with Star Wars to bring you a great new download that allows the characters of Star wars to yell at you for missing that last turn. Currently Darth Vader is only available.

Click here to listen to the Darth Vader sample.

Apple's OS 4.0 Announcement Features Game Center

Apple for the past few years has always lead the way in terms of hot new tech, and the platforms on which they stand. During this morning’s OS 4.0 event Apple detailed plans for their new “Game Center.” The basic concept of Game Center is to create an Xbox Live/PSN-styled experience for Apple’s mobile gaming series of platforms, i.e. the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone.

Need a game for the iPad? Then maybe you should check out Resident Evil 4

If you were one of the many people who stood in line and bought an iPad this weekend then there’s some gaming goodness for you to purchase. But I’m not sure if buying a game to play on your iPad completely justifies spending $500 on a feature deficient iPhone that took some HGH.

S#!T You Want - Lifes' little joys, but with that added frosting on top !

Welcome to the 8th Week of Cool S#!T You Want. Back into the stride of things. We take a serious look at what's available on the net, and narrow down those pay cheaque decisions. Remember as a member you can comment or submit an entry to Cool S#!T You Want here.


[Video] Rockstar Games gives us another look at the Old West in Red Dead Redemption

Last time we got a look at the West and then the weapons at your disposal. Now Rockstar Games gives us a look at the “Life in the West” in this new Red Dead Redemption docu video.  Despite what some may think the Old West wasn’t just filled with Cowboys shooting one another. There were actually “common” folk such as Blacksmiths and Ranchers.

S#!T You Want - But damn, it's only available in Japan

Welcome to the 7th Week of Cool S#!T You Want. I apologize for the no SYW last week. We had technical difficulties ultimately leading to me now residing in a foreign country, but more on that in weeks to come;). Sit back relax and check out some of the exclusive Japanese goods. Remember as a member you can comment or submit an entry to Cool S#!T You Want here.


S#!T You Want - You know you want it !

Welcome to the 6th Week of Cool S#!T You Want. With the Olympics over we get back to sifting through the internet for things that we love. Remember as a member you can comment or submit an entry to Cool S#!T You Want here.


Interview with Dj Kuulu from Tokyo - The Swag Man

He has been lurking on the boards for a few months. Giving away an assortment of electronic goods such as PSP's, Wii's, iPod's and other swag from Japan. Up to now not a whole lot of people have caught on in fear of it being some type of scam or false advert. Shogungamer gets to the botton of these giveaways and looks at who, why, and how Kuulu is able to giveth the swag.

S#!T You Want - Stay warm during the Olympic break with all this gear.

Welcome to the 5th Week of Cool S#!T You Want. While the Olympic frenzy has shut down most of Shogungamer's home town, it hasn't shut down Cool S#!T You Want.


Remember as a member you can comment or submit an entry to Cool S#!T You Want here.


S#!T You Want - Fan Art and Customs Builds

Welcome to the 4th Week of Cool S#!T You Want. This week we take a look at the fans that make the rest of us look like chumps. The people who create unique art, customs, and all else that fills fan forums. We picked out some of our favored custom builds. Think we missed an artist? Let us know in the comments below. If you have something you would like us to review or post, tell us through our contact page.

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