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Wesley Snipes entering the world of video games with Julius Styles. Huh?

Back in the heyday of 1990s cinema, Wesley Snipes was on top of his game.  While most of us know of Mr. Snipes work in action fair like Passenger 57, he proved that he was a diverse actor through projects such as Mo' Better Blues and Jungle Fever.  Wesley of course didn’t stray far from his passion, martial arts, as he offered nice amounts of ass kicking in the Blade Trilogy, U.S. Marshalls and Unstoppable.

Yet another video of the Xperia Play in action + game footage

CES is usually never a big event for Sony on the gaming side of things as much as that disappoints some people.  Considering that the new Sony Ericsson Android phone/gaming device combines both Sony’s gaming and core electronics departments there was some hope that the device would make an appearance.

Square Enix and Sony team up for a beautiful Final Fantasy Dissidia themed PSP

If there one thing that Sony has done an excellent job of this gen it’s that they know when and how to give us really cool custom PSP and PlayStation 3 units.  Not all of us are going to go out and buy a 2nd PSP or PS3 merely because it has a cool art scheme on it (well I may do such a thing), but at least Sony is offering such a thing for the fans out there who wish to expand their collection.

Sony's new 3D peripheral makes gamers look like Cyclops

If I had $20 for every time Sony mentioned 3D during their CES conference last night, I may have enough money to buy myself one of Sony’s new-fangled 3D Bravia TVs.  Just like they’ve done for the past year, Sony is heavily pushing 3D entertainment, whether it’s in movies, films or the area we all are interested the most in: video games.

More photos of the Xperia Play/PlayStation Phone AKA unannounced mystery phone X

The still yet to be formally announced Sony Ericsson phone which has been dubbed the PlayStation Phone by the masses is almost as elusive as the Big Foot creature or a snow Yeti. Every now and then it pops up and we have some knowledge that points to its existing but we’re far from getting anything firm to confirm its existence, even though we all know it’s roaming around.

Sony Ericsson reportedly readying gaming-centric Android device

With the announcement and subsequent reveal of the Nintendo 3DS, there was immediately interest to see what Sony would do next. While the PSP was far from a flop, in the past year or so it hasn’t exactly maintained a brisk schedule of high profile releases, thus not exactly matching up to the insane sales numbers of the Nintendo DS. Well after countless rumors over the past few months it appears that Sony could indeed be changing things up within their handheld division.

Enter the Game Grid of TRON via your iPhone/iPod Touch

This week ought to be called the Week of TRON as TRON’s impact at the San Diego Comic Con will be huge this week. Not only is a good chunk of the cast going to be there, but extended footage will also make its debut which in turn will hopefully find its way online.  To celebrate this week of geek/tech/sci-fi goodness Disney has released the first of many TRON apps for the iPod Touch/iPhone.

Sony Vs iPad in the future? Sony announces development of new multi-media device.

It’s pretty clear that I’m a huge Sony fanboy, but I’m even a bit puzzled and slightly worried by the latest news concerning the Japanese electronics maker.

With the PSP being in a state of flux given the recently revealed Nintendo 3DS, many have been wondering when the true PSP successor or Sony’s next attempt at a multi-media entertainment device would be released. Right now, we’re still a bit in the dark but at least we have a clue as to what sort of device Sony is aiming for.

Predators tie-in game revealed (it's not what you think it would be)

It doesn’t seem like it but the Robert Rodriguez produced relaunch of the Predator franchise is almost upon us.  So far what we’ve seen of Predators looks good but there’s been one question asked by many.  When can we expect the movie tie-in game?  Being such a popular action franchise and one perfect for the world of video games it’s somewhat surprising that a game for the PS3/360 hasn’t been announced yet.

Closer to paper thin portable gaming. Sony's new OLED screen rolls around a pencil.

Sony just revealed an OLED screen that's so astonishingly flexible it can be rolled tightly around a tube the size of a pencil. All of your sci-fi-inspired bendy screen next-gen computer dreams just came true.

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