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GameStop Is Prepping A Tablet (No, This Isn't A Joke)

In news that couldn’t be expected in any possible fashion, GameStop has revealed their intention to release a tablet in the next year. Yes, GameStop as in the same international retailer of new and used video games and that is home to sometimes inept employees will be launching a custom made GameStop branded tablet. What the hell is going on today?

EA Sports May Be Willing To Give Indie Devs A Shot

It may be time to chalk one up for the good guys as EA Sports Senior VP Andrew Wilson revealed that the company is looking into publishing games by indie developers.  Up until now the projects EA have published have either been internal efforts or in some cases produced externally by developers such as Grasshopper Manufacture via the EA Partners initiative.  EA has never really expressed an interest in signing small indie dev houses for one time deals but that could soon change.

Notable Japanese Devs Set To Release Original Games For Mobile Platforms

Whether we love it or hate it mobile/social gaming is here to stay and could ultimately become the de facto standard when it comes to how we game.  Games found on the App Store may not beat titles set for the PlayStation 3 or the next iteration of Sony’s console, but mobile gaming is no longer a small niche market that merely consists of Bejeweled and a side-scrolling Tony Hawk game that looks like a four-year old created it.

SMartphone usage and teh next logical step in making games for them


 An interesting study was made light of a few days ago. A pew study which study the habits and conditions needed to be a smart phone user. While most of the facts and percentages explained were “no brainers” It is always interesting to see data like this quantified.

Minecraft's Mobile Debut Is Appearing On A Surprise Platform

My relationship with Minecraft is an interesting one in a way.  I’ve seen some friends play Minecraft and show me their ever expanding villages or castles but I have never once played the game, despite my utter amazement of the game.  I do have a lot of interest in Minecraft as it does look like a cool albeit time consuming way to build cool stuff with my key dream project being recreating the island from the TV show Lost.

Capcom Taking Monster Hunter Franchise To iPhone

The announcement made by Capcom stated Monster Hunter would soon be available on Apple’s iPhone and iPod. This iteration of the game, known as Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting, will once again take gamers to a land of fantasy inhabited by a variety of large beasts. Players will again take up the profession of a monster hunter whose role is to protect others from the assortment of creatures the game offers.

Another Major Hollywood Studio Enters The World Of Gaming

Movie studios have always had a presence in gaming with studios like WB Games or Fox Interactive.

Panasonic Cuts Down The Jungle

It hasn’t received a grisly death, but Panasonic has announced that they’ve ceased development on their Panasonic Jungle, the online focused handheld that was announced in October.  Upon being announced, the Panasonic Jungle was looked at by gamers as a device that really didn’t have a lot of potential, mainly due to the fact that it was a device that tried to be jack-of-all trades in an overly crowded market.

Xperia Play Commercial Leaks, Is Somwhat Creepy

The faucet is continuing to leak as today we have yet another leak concerning the Xperia Play.  At this point there’s not much we don’t know about Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation certified phone, but we could be ever closer to getting some hands-on time with if this video is any indication.

Shogun Gamer's Games of the Year 2010

With 2011 stretching out far ahead, and 2010 dwindling away in the rear-view mirror, it seemed a good time to get the crew together and hash out what our favourites of 2010 were. Taking a new approach, we picked out our categories, and then sat down on a 2+ hour phone call with the editors of the site to decide which games in 2010 deserved recognition. There was a lot of back and forth, a bit of drama, and plenty of arguments for our personal favorites.

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