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Republique Is Coming To The PC and Mac

When it was announced there was a lot of excitement and general interest in Republique but the one problem some folks had was its choice of platform.  Being announced solely for iOS platforms was both a good and bad thing for Republique as it promised iOS gamers with a highly original and non-casual centric experience but at the same time it was bad news for everyone who doesn’t own an iOS device.  

Former Infinity Ward Staffer Opens New Studio

People in the video game industry come and go between developers, but every now and then someone will go off and attempt something new by opening their own business.  We haven’t seen too many figures within the industry leave their old trappings to start anew, but once recent chap who did was Robert Bowling.

Republique Kickstarter Campaign Begins + Debut Trailer

Times are changing with each passing month and now we’re now at the point in which iOS games are reaching a level previously unseen. The argument can be made that iOS gaming has already caught up with consoles in the sense that games such as FIFA, Need for Speed, and Infinity Blade are available on mobile platforms and look stellar, but we haven’t yet received an iOS game that truly take things to a level we haven’t seen before to offer an experience built around storytelling rather than aimless touchscreen controls.

Camouflaj Reveals Republique, A New Stealth Action Thriller

Most recently teased in a series of photos taken from the motion capture session, former Kojima Productions and 343 Industries employee Ryan Payton has revealed the first game by his new studio Camouflaj.  Set to debut on iOS platforms is Republique, a new stealth action thriller that tries to break out of the familiar mold of the genre to provide something that’s all too rare these days – an original experience not focused on big action and constant neck snapping.

First Details On The El Shaddai Spin-Off Game

For those out there who maintained their hype levels properly this news concerning El Shaddai shouldn’t come across as much of a shock.  As you may recall we were all treated to the surprise reveal of a new El Shaddai project late last month.  In typical Japanese developer fashion not much was said initially besides from a teaser website being launched with some character art, which to some people looked like bad fan art.

El Shaddai Returns With A Mysterious Project

One of the most underrated games of 2011 may be receiving a follow-up of some kind as a new El Shaddai project is in the works.  The game which saw an angelic warrior take on the forces of evil in a game that was less than conventional didn’t become one of the bigger hits of 2011, but it did start up a cult following who appreciated the rather unorthodox art style and presentation the game offered.  El Shaddai may have seemed like a game that could’ve stood on its own, but out of nowhere Ignition has announced a new El Shaddai project.

Most Unexpected IP Revival Ever: More Mini Ninjas Action May Be Coming Soon

Just like movies there are video game franchises that premier, do little to no business yet to only return a few years later with a now established cult audience.  I may still be personally waiting for a new Silent Bomber or Omega Boost game, but there are some lesser known video game franchises that receive a second lease at life and Mini Ninjas may just be one of those games.

Sega Suite [GDC 2012]

GDC is officially underway, and while Ian and I have already had opportunity to check out several interesting thing, as the site’s resident fanboy for Sega, I’ve decided to talk first about their suite that was set up off-site at this year’s GDC. Sega came out with a whole host of new titles to try out during their showcase at GDC this year, and below I’m going to dive in and talk about some impressions of the games I had an opportunity to check out, starting with the follow-up I’ve been waiting quite some time with: Sonic 4 : Episode II.

More Companies Endorsing After-Market Handhelds; Retro Fans Rejoice!

Classic titles from some of the best companies of the 1990s seem to be released over online console networks almost as a favour to most. It's no shocker that many gamers want to see their old favourites brought back to life via whatever medium will be handed to them. I'm not sure if companies like Sega and Square-Enix are trying to cash in on well-known classics or throwing a bone to those fans who cling to their shiny legendary releases, but at least a couple of them are recognizing that there is a fantastically untapped market: handhelds for fans who already own the games.

Casual Games: The Industry Shift

There's been one thing that I've been hearing spoken about an awful lot over the past week and a bit: in a nutshell, Angry Birds is a hugely popular title that has sold enough to combat Super Mario Bros. game sales. At first I brushed this off as pretty ridiculous, but when I sat down and actually looked at the numbers, it started to make sense. When you look at sales numbers for each title (or series, in SMB's case), Rovio, developer of Angry Birds, reported 350 million downloads since December 2009.

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