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Splash Damage Ready To Announce Their Next Project

The games industry hasn’t been too kind to certain U.K. development studios such as Eurocom, but others such as Splash Damage are still thriving on could be on the verge of the next big thing. After releasing the rather decisive and somewhat iffy FPS Brink, Splash Damage is ready to unveil it’s latest endeavor and of course it’s doing the now industry expected standard of announcing an announcement of an announcement.

Eurocom (007 Legends) Issues Major Layoffs and Changes Company Focus

The video game industry has not been a gentle beast to yet another development studio which has been forced to issue massive layoffs and shift its focus as a company in an attempt to stay alive.  Today U.K. based developer Eurocom announced that it will be shedding the majority of it’s staff and focusing on mobile efforts in the future due to the continued economic shifts and lackluster performances from their last few titles.

Microsoft Reportedly Pursuing Xbox Branded Surface Device

Over the last few months there have been countless rumors about the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft, some of which seemed legit while others were nothing but complete flights of fancy.  With word pointing to the next console from Microsoft dropping sometime next year, perhaps in time for the Holiday season, we’re bound to get some legit details on the successor to the Xbox 360 - the first of which may be a new add-on peripheral in the form of a tablet.

Nihilistic Software Changes Company Focus, Rebrands As New Company

News of developers shuttering or changing their focus may sadly be becoming an all too familiar occurrence and today news has broke that yet another developer is shifting gears.  The news may not be as dire as the layoffs and subsequent move to mobile games that LightBox Interactive recently took, but developer Nihilistic has announced that the company will be going the digital route for the foreseeable future.

Angry Birds Star Wars Is Officially A Thing

Our worst fears have come true as Angry Birds Star Wars is an actual thing.  After being teased last Friday with a near horrifying image of an Angry Bird character dressed as a Jedi Knight, LucasArts and Rovio have announced their partnership which does indeed span video games, toys, and even Halloween costumes.

Former Mortal Kombat/Midway Veteran Joins Zynga

It’s rare to receive news in the mobile/social space that’s truly exciting, especially to me as a gamer, but some unexpected news has surfaced via Zynga.  The mega giant that has no problem throwing down $180 million like it’s nothing has secured yet another company to add to their stable.  Joining the ever growing list of games under the Zynga umbrella is A Bit Lucky. While applause should be given to the folks at A Bit Lucky for hitting gold, the more interesting news is the industry veteran that has joined Zynga.

Akaniero: Demon Hunters, The Next Game From American McGee, Is Finally Revealed

When it was announced that developer American McGee and his studio Spicy Horse would be focusing on mobile/browser games after the release of Alice: Madness Returns I was beyond bummed out. I know that as a game developer American has his fair share of fans and haters, but his general vision along with that of the Spicy Horse team deserved to be seen on the HD consoles. 

Keiji Inafune Goes Old-School With J.J. Rockets

He may have gone off the rails a bit by being brutally honest, but Keiji Inafune is back on track when it comes to be a game developer. After leaving Capcom towards the end of 2010, Keiji went on to create Intercept and Comcept, two new companies whose focus is on both gaming and other forms of interactive entertainment.  After laying low for a while Keiji eventually unveiled the kids centric 3DS game King of Pirates and the ultra mature PS Vita action-RPG Soul Sacrifice.

Robotoki's New Project Is Revealed (Hint: It Involves the Undead)

Far removed from the now resolved drama between Activision and Infinity Ward founders Frank Zampella and Jason West, former IW Community Manager Robert Bowling has his sights set on bigger things like developing a new IP.  It’s not too often that we see those in the mid-level range of development go on to create their own studios but that’s what Robert has done with Robotoki and now we know what the studios debut game will be.

Republique Enlists The Services Of Two Veteran Voice Actors


As if an already cool game could get even cooler, some key voice talent has been announced for the recently revealed stealth action game Republique.  Originally set to appear on the iOS but now destined for the PC and Mac as well, Republique is trying to tackle some rather mature and serious themes in its narrative and now it’ll have two veteran and fan favorite voice actors portraying central characters in its plot of oppressed people trying to overthrow a totalitarian government.

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