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New State of Decay Video Offers A Glimpse Of Base Building

After being in development for ages with only small glimpses shown here and there, Undead Labs finally gave us a proper look at their 3rd person survival-action zombie game State of Decay. Bound for XBLA, State of Decay may seem like nothing more than the latest game to cash in on the still popular zombie fad, but beneath the head popping action the game provides is an experience which is rooted deep in fort building and making the best decisions to stay alive.

State of Decay Adds Some Open-World Survival Horror On XBLA

Once known by the unassuming moniker Class3, Undead Labs has been hard at work on their vision of what the zombie apocalypse would be like.  Perhaps two kicks away from suffering irreparable genre damage of the highest degree, zombie video games may have somehow surpassed the bald space marine trope as far as testing our will is concerned, but there’s a chance that Class3 – or rather State of Decay could manage to inject new life into the tired genre and perhaps revitalize the way gamers look at it.

New Mass Effect 3 Leviathan & Firefight DLC Info Revealed.

Bioware today officially announced the first new single-player campaign related DLC for Mass Effect 3 called Leviathan and no I'm not counting the extended cut DLC as being first because that whole deal was ridiculous in my opinion.

TL;DR - July 30 - Preorders, Durango, E3

It’s been a while… but I think the recent resurrection of my previous ‘passion project’, Why You Should Care, brought me back around to the idea of restarting my other ‘claim to fame’: TL;DR. As some of you may remember, it’s an opportunity for Shogun to catch up on some of the smaller stories of the day and provide you with the news you need, when the items themselves weren’t particularly large enough for a full ‘feature’.

Fresh Gears of War: Judgement Multiplayer Footage

The fact that the Gears of War franchise is continuing past Gears 3 is indeed odd since it seemed like the series had some much desired closure. With a bunch of characters dead, the Locust seemingly a thing of the past, and Marcus finally able to shack up with Anya and have blonde haired kids with burly muscles, it was believed that gamers had seen the last of Gears. Jump to E3 last month and Microsoft pulled a fast one on us with the reveal of Gears of War: Judgment, a new prequel revolving around Cole, Baird, and a new motley crew of COG soldiers.

Crytek's Kinect Brawler Ryse Is Still Alive For Now


Games come and go either because they get cancelled or they get released only to earn fame or in some cases earn a decent amount of scorn and hatred.  The video game business is an interesting one as there are also games which we forget about simply because they disappear and we’re too busy to notice.  With half a dozen games announced every couple of months and people being preoccupied playing new releases, it’s not too uncommon for known games to be forgotten about since they only show up once a year.  

E3 Hands on with Mad Catz World War II Arcade Flight Game Damage Inc.

Known world wide for their high-end video game accessories, Mad Catz is publishing their first videogame, but is it any good?

Titled Damage Inc: Pacific Squadron WWII, the game will have players step into the cockpit of a variety of World War II era fighter planes while offering a complete campaign mode, along with a variety of multiplayer options, including co-op.

Dishonored E3 Impressions: One of the best games at E3.

One of the games I was personally excited to check out was Dishonored, a brand new IP that is currently under development at Arkane Studios.

In the game you’ll assume the first person role of Corvo Atano, a bodyguard who is seeking revenge against Lord Regent who framed him for the Assassination of the Empress he was sworn to protect.

Along with a slew of Victorian steam punk style weapons, Corvo also possesses great supernatural powers and gadgets... a crap load of them.

Ubisoft E3 2012 Confrence Recap & Impressions

After experiencing the awkward 2011 E3 showing from Ubisoft (the one where they announced they invented laser tag), I wasn’t really sure what to expect from them this year. What Ubisoft ended up delivering was a streamlined presentation that catered directly to its core E3 audience.

New Mini Ninjas Game Bound For Kinect

So far 2012 has promised us a more core centric array of Kinect releases in the form of Steel Battalion and Crimson Dragon, both of which could become the go to game for Kinect owners.  The amount of Kinect based shovelware may not be going anytime soon, especially when one considers the recent reveal of Harry Potter Kinect, but it seemed like things were back on track. Well at this point we could be going back to receiving the somewhat mehtacular Kinect offerings we’re used to seeing and this time it involves none other than Mini Ninjas.

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