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Find out why Fallout 3 DLC took so long to reach PS3. Had nothing to do with exclusivity deal.

In a piece of great news for all Fallout 3 fans, Bethesda has just announced that not only are they releasing two new expansions for the incrediably popular Fallout 3 franchise, they're intending to port over all their Fallout 3 expansions over to the PS3.  This will start with the Operation: Anchorage expansion in the Playstation Store this June, with The Pitt following 4-6 weeks after Operation:Anchorage and each expansion being spaced about the same length of time apart. 

Sega and Rebellion tease us at the intense battle that is Aliens vs. Predator

After being announced and later discussed in a variety of interviews and magazine stories Sega and Rebellion are finally showing every the goods for the upcoming Alien vs. Predator game slated to hit the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC early next year.

As some may already know the game allows players to play as the tough gun-toting Colonial Marines, the deadly and fast Aliens, and the stealth hunting Predator. Each story mode for all three species will be interwoven to provide a unique story experience that will surely please fans of the Alien and Predator franchises.

QuarterSave Podcast - Episode 02 - Attack of the peripherals!

Back again with a new episode!

This week’s episode features a whole lot of peripheral speak. With the announcement of Tony Hawk Ride and it’s plastic skateboard, DJ Hero and it’s plastic turn tables, along with discussion about Nintendo’s strategies and Rock Band/Guitar Hero. Other stories mentioned include the free release of Rag Doll Kung Fu for the PSN, and the Splinter Cell Conviction teaser site/trailer.



Activision announces Blur

This year is quite interesting for racing fans as you have the upcoming Split/Second which according to the developers at Black Rock will revitalize the dying out racing genre. Besides Split/Second you also have upcoming games like Forza MotorSport 3, MX vs. ATV: Reflex and perhaps if we’re lucky some sort of Gran Turismo 5 and Twisted Metal news later this year.

The latest Kojima teaser continues to get people excited

The madness around the mysterious Kojima project countdown is continuing with the previous countdown being merely a countdown for another countdown. Rapid internet fanboys are ablaze with the latest update to the site being either a 5 or an S and off course the popular and somewhat blind decision among many is that it’s a 5 and that means “OMG MGS5 is coming soon!” It’s also a bit presumptuous to assume the S could also stand for Solid Snake as it could also be for this:

Is Criterion going to develop the next Need For Speed game?

A few months ago a rumor popped up that involved Criterion, the makers of the Burnout franchise, taking over an installment of the Need for Speed franchise. At the time many simply brushed the rumor aside as it seemed odd that EA would have Criterion work on an installment of the series especially since Burnout Paradise was just released at the time.

New Bionic Commando gameplay trailer shows off impressive environments

New footage of Bionic Commando shows off some of its incredible dynamic lighting, lens effects and detailed environments. The amount of diversity in settings and landscapes in this trailer is very impressive. You'll also be treated to a glimpse at a completely aerial battle against a seemingly endless sea of wasp-like robots.

New Mass Effect 2 trailer

So far not a lot of media has been released for Mass Effect 2 with the exception of an extremely brief teaser trailer and some leaked footage from GDC. Thankfully it seems Bioware is ready to show us everything we can expect with ME2 next month at E3 and they're already teasing us with this "Prelude to E3" trailer.

The trailer isn't awe-inspiring but if you're a Mass Effect fan it'll definately get you hyped up based on what the developers promise to be in ME2 and it does have a few small snippets of footage so it's definately worth checking out.



Tony Hawk plans on taking you for a Ride

When the first Tony Hawk game was released it was a massive hit that was the first game to really capture what skating is all about. The game then became a massive franchise that helped make skating more mainstream and acceptable. Like any good franchise each installment in the Tony Hawk series added new features and improved visuals that really improved the product and it’s widely regarded that Tony Hawk 3 is the pinnacle in the series.

THQ announces MX vs. ATV: Reflex

If games like Motorstorm: Pacific Rift and Pure didn’t wet your appetite for off road action then you’re in luck as THQ today announced the latest installment in the MX vs. ATV series, MX vs. ATV: Reflex.

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