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Modern Warfare 2 commercial

It seems like the industry is slowing ramping up for E3 already with a bevy of leaks and rumors hitting net in the recent days and now we're starting to get official media for some of the big games that will appear at the show next month. In a somewhat odd move Activision has aired the first commercial for the highly awaited Modern Warfare 2 during a NBA playoff game. The commercial is extremely short but it's the first time we've seen in the game in action and it doesn't seem to disappoint.

Full introduction video for upcoming Prototype released!

Those eager to get their optic orbs on footage from the upcoming Prototype game were treated today. The full cinematic intro for the game's opening was released in high definition. Its intro shows us a bit of what we already saw in the earlier teaser footage, post-apocalyptic looking New York City being swept by a clean-up crew branch of the American military.

First details on the multiplayer aspect of Bioshock 2

This generation it seems like if your game doesn’t have some sort of multiplayer or co-op mode then it’s a complete failure to the fans and reviewers will automatically dock points from the review score, even if having a multiplayer mode completely clashes with the core gameplay and theme of the game.

More robot action in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

The first Transformers film consisted of explosions, lame jokes, poor characterizations of the Transformers, hot Megan Fox scenes, poor directing and a lame story. Based on the recent trailers the sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, seems to be offering the same. That similiarity continues with the upcoming game adaptation as well.

Wheelman hits the big screen

Originally set to coincide with the release of the game, the film adaptation of Midway/Ubisoft's “Wheelman” is finally becoming a reality.

The Evolution of Piracy: Here today, but gone tomorrow because the beta leaked yesterday.

The first time I realized how bad piracy was, was when I was a tester for Electronic Arts. The game I was working on promised to be quite good,  so I asked a friend if he wanted it for Christmas. While I was still working on it he replied. " No, man, its ok, I already have it". I thought: how the hell can you have it if I’m still testing the beta version? 

Red Dead Redemption premiere trailer

While quasi announced during the Sony E3 2005 press conference the sequel to Red Dead Revolver is almost upon us and it seems like it has been worth the four year wait. 

Is Microsoft ready to jump into the motion control war?

It seems like this year is when Sony and Microsoft take on Nintendo in the motion control arena. We all have an idea of what Sony could do but with Microsoft it’s been a bit of a mystery. Last year it was the rumored Newton motion controller that was a rampant rumor before E3 but instead what we got was the stuff like the Lips and We Love Movies announcements.

Will the next Call of Duty game take place during the wars of the 60s?

It seems like the Call of Duty franchise will still be battling it out in wars of the past despite the upcoming release of Modern Warfare 2. According to That Videogame Blog Activison is licensing Cuban, Soviet Union, African and Vietnam Era music for what most likely is for an upcoming installment of the Call of Duty franchise.

TMNT gets the remake treatment with Turtles in Time

After the release of Bionic Commando: Rearmed last year many gamers have been aching for HD remixes of classic games. Whether it’s Strider, Mega Man, Vector Man or other classic titles gamers out there would love to play some of their old favorites with shiny HD visuals while still retaining the core gameplay that makes them so good.

It seems to be that we’re in luck as another game is getting the HD remix treatment although it’s a game that we weren’t really expecting: a remake of the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game “Turtles in Time.”

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